News As Locals Try To Escape The Eruption, Instagrammers Are Posing For Sexy (& Tone Deaf) Volcano Photos  

Mick Jacobs
December 6, 2017 1.3k votes 312 voters 20.4k views 14 items

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When natural disasters occur or threaten the safety of a group of people, the natural response of those nearby should be "what can I do to help?" as opposed to "what can I do to help my social media following?" But when Mount Agung in Bali began spewing volcanic ash and threatened eruption in 2017, many people decided to "bless" the world with insensitive photos in front of a volcano. About as tasteless as water itself, these insensitive Mount Agung eruption photos adopt a million filters to cover up a natural disaster that has delayed numerous flights and stands to displace thousands of people. Like a tone deaf 9/11 tribute, these tone deaf volcano Instagram posts serve to increase one person's visibility while denigrating the lives of those who stand to be affected by this disaster.

Sure, 100,000 people may need to be evacuated from their homes, but maybe it's all worth it for 1,000 double taps? To be honest, people like this are probably just happy for the increased exposure, even if it required exposing themselves to volcanic debris. If Pompeii took place today, these suckers would be the first to get ashed.

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Well, At Least They're Being Safe


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A Terrible Site And A Volcano


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You Need To Split (No, Not That Kind)


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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Be A Brat


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