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Who is Tony Hale? He's an actor, Emmy winner, and master of awkward roles. The army brat became a fan favorite on Arrested Development and Veep, playing off two strong women and cutting a path to stardom with a hook and an overstuffed briefcase.
Here are some basic Tony Hale facts: he was born in West Point, NY and raised in Tallahassee, FL. He's not shy about his Christianity and penchant for meditative prayer. And he’s fine with being the most offbeat guy in the room. He’s perfectly cool with playing Buster Bluth on Arrested Development and Gary Walsh on Veep, but just don’t ask him to watch such awkwardness. It makes him squirm.    
So take a look at this Tony Hale biography list and learn a few things about the genius who created two of the best characters on TV. 

He Was in a Volkswagen Commercial

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Hale starred in this 1999 VW commercial, making his mark on “Mr. Roboto.” His appearance in the spot was spoofed on Arrested Development

The Weirdest Acting Note of His Career Was All About Monkeys

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Hale did a Volkswagen commercial where he received some very strange advice. Apparently, he was trying to put a mattress on top of a car, and seeking some guidance, asked the director if he had a vision for the scene. The director responded, “I don't know, I'm just thinking monkey, monkey. Like lots of monkeys.” Which is not super helpful when you're asking how you should tie a large object to the roof of a vehicle. “I’m going to remember that note and I'm going to talk about that note for the rest of my career,” Hale said

His Rant About Lucille Is His Favorite Buster Moment

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hale said that he is especially fond of the Arrested Development moment when Buster let loose his true feelings about his mother. “[There was] so much pent-up anger… and that was his opportunity to let it rip.”

He Does Improv with His Veep Costars Before the Scripts Are Finalized

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It may feel off the cuff, but Veep is a seamless comedy machine. “They give us 2 weeks of rehearsal before we shoot and they allow us to play with the material. They work very hard on the scripts but allow us that freedom. Very grateful for that.” When asked which cast member was best at improv, he said, “Matt Walsh [Mike McClintock] is a master improver. I've learned a lot from him.”