27 Of The Greatest Tweets From Tony Hawk's Twitter In 2021

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Tony Hawk has proven over the recent years just how hilarious and wholesome he is to follow on Twitter. And although his lineup of tweets throughout 2020 were stellar, we think the skateboarding legend truly outdid himself, yet again, in 2021. Here are our highlights from Tony Hawk's Twitter account over the past year. Vote on the tweets you think were his greatest too.

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    When He, Years Later, Stood By His Compliment To A Now-Famous YouTuber


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    When The Nurse ACTUALLY Recognized Who He Was


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    When His Famous Meme Reached A Whole New Level Of Popularity


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    When His Interaction With A Fan Went From Crazy To Crazier


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    When He Updated His Viral 2019 Tweet With A 2021 Epilogue


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    When He Had To Explain That Olympic Skater Margielyn Didal And Him Were Referencing A Meme


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