Hilarious Times Tony Hawk Tweeted About Not Being Recognized In Public During 2021

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In case you didn't already know, Tony Hawk is a treasure to follow on Twitter. The skateboard superstar has had plenty of hilarious tweets from 2021, but some of the funniest of the pack were these times Tony finds himself in public not being recognizede correctly by fans. Some people just cannot seem to grasp what he actually looks like or that they are actually meeting him. This phenomenon gets funnier and funnier with every Tony tweet. Read and vote on the stories below to find out for yourself.

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    The Kid May Have Recognized Him, But Didn't Recognize His Age


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    A 2021 Epilogue To The 2019 Tweet That Partly Started The Ongoing Joke


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    Bravo To The Skateboarding Nurse Who ACTUALLY Recognized Who Tony Was


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    The Meme Of Him Being Mistaken Is So Popular That He Had To Explain How Olympic Skater Margielyn Didal Was Referencing


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    The Lady Recognizes Him From The UberEats Commercial Instead


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    The Paintball Employee Was Just Ready For Next Person In Line


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