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Tony Stark Continuity Details From The MCU That Were Years In The Making

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If the success of the MCU has taught the world anything, it's that Marvel Studios knows how to build a comprehensive movie universe comprised of dozens of films. To do that right means getting the continuity details of the MCU correct from one movie to another. This ensures continuity across a trilogy (or even the entire franchise), and the MCU has achieved this feat to perfection.

The MCU has become a juggernaut of a franchise, and with dozens of films, there's plenty to watch in the theaters, on Netflix, and Disney+. The MCU has been around since 2008's debut of Iron Man, and in many ways, Tony Stark became the heart of the MCU.

While plenty of people find interesting things while watching any of the movies featuring Tony Stark, only a few take the time to share their findings online. Many of the greatest continuity details surrounding the character span across several different films, showing just how much attention to detail Kevin Feige and the filmmakers pour into each and every movie.