10 Times You Didn't Notice the Killer in 'Too Many Cooks'

"Too Many Cooks" may be the breakout viral video of 2014. (Seriously, watch it if you haven't already.) What started as an untitled promo airing at 4 a.m. on Adult Swim has turned into one of the most original and disturbing pieces of video the world has ever embraced. Parodying popular sitcoms of the '80s and '90s, "Too Many Cooks" begins as an innocent and silly homage that goofs on the title credits of shows like "Family Matters" or "Step by Step." However, the video takes a dark and bizarre turn halfway through its 11 minute runtime, when it's revealed that someone is murdering all the actors on the show. What many don't know is that the guilty party is cleverly hidden among the actors from the very beginning of the video - and if you only watched the video once, chances are you probably missed some of his appearances.

This list shows all the secret locations of the killer in "Too Many Cooks," including sneaky background shots that you didn't notice the first time. The video is 10 times creepier once you realize the murderer was lurking among the family members the entire time, so don't say we didn't warn you when you realize he was there all along.