14 Times Jennifer Lawrence Pushed Her Luck And Was Just Too Much

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A million think pieces have already been written about Jennifer Lawrence, her movies, and what she means for the future of feminism and film. This is not one of those. This is a list of the times Jennifer Lawrence got annoying, because the inevitable backlash seems well underway. She just isn't getting as many laughs on talk shows as she used to. But that's not all Lawrence's fault. Her seeming fall from grace can be partially attributed to the sexist notion that "It Girls" don't deserve everlasting popularity, unlike their male counterparts.

That being said, there are still plenty of things J. Law has said over the years that have given her critics ammunition. Her white feminism and general ignorance about certain issues are definitely included, as well as the times when she just made the wrong joke or overshared. It's tricky to break down all the intricacies of Jennifer Lawrence hate, but this list provides plenty of evidence for how the Jennifer Lawrence backlash began.

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    She Disrespected A Hawaiian Cultural Site

    She Disrespected A Hawaiian Cultural Site
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    Lawrence was being her usual irreverent self on The Graham Norton Show in late 2016. She shared a story about a Catching Fire shoot in Hawaii, during which she used sacred religious rocks to scratch her butt: 

    "There were sacred rocks. I don’t know. They were ancestors. Who knows? But you’re not supposed to sit on them because you’re not supposed to expose your genitalia to them. I, however, was in a wetsuit for this whole shoot, and oh my god, they were so good for butt-itching."

    Lawrence received so much backlash over the gaffe that she apologized over Facebook – though many considered the apology to be less than sincere.

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    She Made A Rape Joke

    She Made A Rape Joke
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    According to a reporter attending a party at Cannes Film Festival in 2014, Lawrence squealed when she saw director Alfonso Cuaron, adding, "I broke out my rape scream for you!" While the comment was not intended to be public, it became that way, and the Internet agreed it trivialized rape.

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    She Made An Ignorant Remark About Trans Men

    She Made An Ignorant Remark About Trans Men
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    In an interview on Ellen, Lawrence explained why she named her female cat Chaz Bono:

    I’ve never met a cat where you assume first that it’s a boy. Because normally dogs are boys and cats are girls. But she has such a masculine energy that everybody always says 'he,' and for the first week I thought it was a boy... And that’s just weird for a cat. So we call her Chaz Bono."

    Bono is transgender, and Lawrence's remark positioned his gender identity as a punchline. The media continues to criticize her for the interview.

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    She Body Shamed Val Kilmer

    She Body Shamed Val Kilmer
    Photo: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Lawrence dealt with plenty of sexist scrutiny and body shaming early on in her career, but she also didn't hesitate to make a joke about it at someone else's expense. In an interview with Elle, she said, "In Hollywood, I’m obese. I’m considered a fat actress, I’m Val Kilmer in that one picture on the beach."

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    She Gushed Over Kim Kardashian

    She Gushed Over Kim Kardashian
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    Lawrence guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 2, 2017. The "obsessed" Lawrence interviewd Kim Kardashian West, and they swapped stories about trading clothes, getting drunk, and farts. It was equal parts funny and awkward.

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    She Called Herself "Dykey"

    She Called Herself "Dykey"
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    Lawrence's 2011 interview with Rolling Stone included some unfortunate quotes. When telling the reporter how she grew up as a sports-loving tomboy, she called herself "dykey." Needless to say, it wasn't the greatest thing to say in general, let alone on her first major press tour.

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