Stories Of Times People Spent Way Too Much Money On Mobile Games

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As technology has become increasingly integral to our daily lives, it's now easier than ever to waste exorbitant amounts of money on useless things. There are few better ways to lose track of your spending than by developing mobile game addictions, and many people end up spending thousands of dollars on available upgrades in their favorite iPhone or Android games.

While that kind of spending has become more commonplace, hearing horror stories of people who spent money on mobile games never becomes any less shocking. Considering just how many mobile games exist for the sole purpose of sucking up your money, it's far too easy for someone to rationalize that kind of crazy spending while they're busy starring listlessly into their phone screens.

Here are some wild stories about the most money anyone has spent on mobile games, taken directly from the Internet. 

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    An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

    From TheTreeMan:

    "One of my old friends's mom is hooked on Mafia Wars (I think that's what it's called) on Facebook. She's probably sunk at least 40 to 50 thousand dollars into it. Probably even more. Her house is absolutely trashed, and she basically completely withdrew from her son's life.

    "The last time I can remember going over, her entire room was filled with just hundreds of pizza boxes and McDonalds bags. When you enter the house, the smell just smacks you in the face, even though she basically just stays in her room."

    It led to my friend getting into drug dealing, just to be able to pay for his school, payments on the house, and food. It's pretty ridiculous. He ended up dropping out of college, and getting pulled into that type of life, which led to me cutting ties with him. We haven't talked for at least three to four years.

    I'm not sure if she's still hooked on it, but I hope she's found the help she needs."

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    Impatience Explains Everything

    From Xion4762:

    "I play Game of War Fire Age way too often, so I'll speak on behalf of this game. There are a few different groups. Non spenders, occasional spenders, daily spenders, and overspenders.

    "In the game, you can pay anywhere from $5 to $100 at a time for packs of items such as speedups, resources, and gold. You're an idiot if you don't get a 'special pack' because if you don't all you get is the gold and a worthless item or two. The specials have hundreds of good items. The trick is, every time you buy a special pack, the prices goes up. $5, then $10, then $20, then $100.

    "Back to the original topic. Im an occasional spender and I have spent over $1000 in the span of 200 or so days. Most players of the game plays daily to make sure their troops don't die. Its not uncommon for a player to spend $10k or more. Some players are rich in real life and have spends hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    "It hugely unbalances the game but it gives others an incentive to spend to even it out. Create a reason for players to play a lot and get addicted, and they will play. Also, make players want to speedup their "builds" or whatever you want to call them. Impatient people will spend lots of money."

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    Tanks Can't Be Your Whole World

    From Xemeriba:

    "I have spent a total of $2,149.46 on World of Tanks. I did it because I was addicted and it was all in small amounts. The logic was "oh it's just $24.99 and that gold will last me days/weeks" except it didn't. I couldn't afford it after awhile. It was very much like a drug addiction. Constantly feeling the need to pay for useless sh*t in game... I haven't played in some time though. I can't go back to that."

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    The High Cost Of Excellency

    From Ebbb:

    "Spent about $2000-$3000 on summoners war before.. To be a consistent top 10 player on that game, you have to spend around $100-$200 refreshing 'Energy' to farm what they call runes. Thankfully, I'm not playing that game anymore. Currently playing Crusaders Quest and have spent about $300 so far.."

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    Pay Enough, And You Don't Even Have To Play The Game

    From Tacomaster3211:

    "I've spent about £1900, or about $3k CAD(I'm Canadian btw, and this doesn't account for exchange rate changes), on a free to play browser based game. This money has been spent over the course of about 2 years. In the game you can buy tokens to increase various boosts, such as exp and gold. To completely max all your boosts it takes £1000. You can also buy more auto fights, for if you need to step away from the computer."

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    "Scratchy Cards" Aren't Technically Scratch Offs

    From DaGolfingWhale:

    "The F2P game I've ever spent the most on was this game called Pangya or Albatross18 when it was under OGPlanet. I was addicted to the game. Lifetime I spent upwards of $2400 in the 16 or so months I played. They had this thing called scratchy cards that if you spend money on you can get a rare prize that you can only get from scratchy cards. The reason I ended up spending so much was because at the time I was 17 with a decent job and didn't really have any hobbies other than playing video games; also for some reason I felt the need to collect tons of rares. I remember one time I spent around $150 on scratchy cards trying to get clubs that you could only get from scratchy cards and didn't get them. It's kinda hilarious looking back on it now because I could've probably spent that 2k+ on real golfing lessons and clubs."

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