accidents The Top 10 Awful Stories from Ruined Bachelor Parties  

Carly Kiel
A bachelor party death is always the least expected worst case scenario. STDs, broken limbs, and lost cell phones and wallets are really as bad as it usually gets, but when way too much alcohol comes into play and people start sticking their heads out of party buses, things really start to hit the fan. So from multiple deaths at bachelor parties, to punctured lungs, to the most unfortunately embarrassing incidents caught on video, here are the ten most awful bachelor party stories the Internet has to offer.

Man Sticks His Head Out Top of Party Bus, Dies

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One for the Darwin Awards: A Detroit man died from injuries after he stuck his head out the emergency exit – not the sunroof – of a party bus in June 2011. If there's one place you don't want to die, it's a strip club, but a close #2 is sticking your head out of a goddamn party bus driving on a highway. In Detroit.

Salvator Tatullo, 24, was making merry during his pal's bachelor party when he stood up to undoubtedly yell a long celebratory "Wooooo!" just as the bus was going under an apparently very low-hanging overpass.

The overpass didn't tate his capa, but actually caused head trauma so severe that he went into a coma as soon as the bus made a detour to the hospital. He was declared dead the next week from his "massive head injuries."

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