Best Of 2012 The Top 10 Biggest Homophobes of 2012  

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The top 10 biggest homophobes of 2012 are those influential politicians, religious leaders, businesses and organizations who made their opposition to homosexually very well known during the year. These men and women were quite vocal about their opposition to equal rights for all be it through backing legislature to ban gay marriage to boycotting companies who support equal rights to finding anti-gay groups. They might call their beliefs biblical but an argument could be made that really these people are nothing more than the biggest homophobes of the year.

Being an election year in the United States, it's no shock that many of the biggest homophobes of 2012 were politicians. The presidential election runner-up Republican Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan easily made the list with their opposition of homosexuality, not to mention their gaffes which subtly offended a good portion of the country. Other Republicans and Tea Party members only added fuel to the fire with politicians and pundits like Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Ann Coulter each sharing their firm beliefs against homosexuality in the spotlight.

Just like with the biggest homophobes of 2011, homophobia certainly wasn't limited to individuals in 2012 with companies and other organizations getting in on the hate. Fast food chain Chick-fil-A defended its "family values" despite calls for boycotts. The Boy Scouts of America made news by banning gays from being scouts or scout leaders. The Westboro Baptist Church continued to spew hate with their vulgar signs and statements. One Million Moms, an organization of tens of thousands of Christian moms attacked everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to JC Penney to Oreo for their support of gay rights in 2012.

Despite all of the hate speech and bigotry exhibited by these biggest homophobes of 2012, there were some big accomplishments for equal rights during the year. President Barack Obama, who endorsed gay marriage, was reelected and three states, Maine, Maryland and Washington, voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

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Westboro Baptist Church

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Rick Santorum

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Age: 59

Birthplace: Winchester, Virginia, USA

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Ann Coulter

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Age: 56

Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America

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Michele Bachmann

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Age: 61

Birthplace: Waterloo, Iowa, United States of America

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