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The Top 10 CEOs who Tweet

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Here's a list of top CEO's who Tweet. You can see a live stream of Tweets from these CEOs at Postano's blog

Check out the full post on the site and you'll see a live stream of content from all of these Twitter accounts aggregated into one widget. Postano offers a social media tool that makes it easy for individuals and organizations to aggregate, curate and display social media content from multiple sources via an embeddable widget.
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    @MichaelDell as a Tweeter, Michael Dell blends business and entertainment skillfully. CEO of... uh, I forgot... oh yeah, Dell.
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    Mark T Bertolini

    Age: 64
    @mtbert Interacts with followers a lot... a great display of customer service! CEO of Aetna
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    Medtronic CEO, Mr Ishrak actually reaches out to individual customers through Twitter. Again, a great display of customer service (sensing a theme here?) @MedtronicCEO
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    Michael Rapino

    President and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment... does a good job of promoting his company. @rapino99
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    Jeffrey A Joerres

    One of the first Fortune 500 CEOs on Twitter. By Tweeting about interesting facts about the economy, he positions himself (and his company) as an industry thoughtleader. CEO of ManpowerGroup @ManpowerGroupJJ