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The Top 10 Comic Book Gods Worth Worshipping

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Here are the 10 greatest comic book gods worth worshiping. These gods are the coolest, best, most powerful of all the gods appearing in comic books, all compiled right here for you to enjoy. 

  • I refer now to Marvel’s more super heroic version of Ares, not DC’s Wonder Woman arch villain (although isn’t war seen traditionally as a bad, villianous thing pretty much all the time?)

    Actually, Marvel’s Ares also started out as a villain, primarily for Thor and Hercules, before going the Venom and Punisher route and becoming more of an anti-hero.

    Most recently he was starring in the Mighty Avengers comic, although with Thor back in the Marvel Universe, he was once again deemed useless and killed off, torn in half by The Sentry.

    Some bad ass he turned out to be, when you are killed off by possibly Marvel's most hated character of all time (possibly because he's arguably one of the strongest).

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  • Poor old Hercules, son of Zeus.

    In the Marvel Universe, he is totally the poor man’s Thor, although without that cool badass hammer.

    Whenever events in Thor’s own comic book force him to take a leave of absence from the Avengers, here comes ol’ Herc to fill in. He’s like the "In Case Of Emergency, Break Glass" Thor of the Marvel Universe. He has had a few attempts at his own series, usually ending prematurely.

    He most recently took over the Incredible Hulk’s book (this time filling in for a non-God for a change, which you might consider a demotion) and it was renamed The Incredible Hercules. That didn’t last too long either, and now Herc is currently dead.

    I’m sure he’ll get better though, the next time Thor needs a vacation.

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  • The source of all of Thor’s daddy issues, Odin rules over the Gods of Asgard with one eye and one hell of a beard.

    Mostly used to issue declarations and shake his head in disappointment as his wayward children, Thor and Loki, Odin could throw down with the best of them when it came down to it.

    In fact, Odin has died something like three times in glorious battle since his Marvel introduction, but like all good comic book characters, he keeps managing to get better.

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