Total Nerd The Top 10 Craziest Video Game Freakouts of All Time  

William Sterling
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From controller-throwing, to screaming, to self-mutilation, to murder, here are the 10 craziest video game freakouts of all time. Each item on this list is crazier than the last so get ready for the steady escalation of mayhem. Having fallen off the bridge in our fair share of Super Mario Kart, we definitely feel their pain--just not physically, only they or the objects around them feel that. 

You know when you play video games and things don't go your way, you're prone to a meltdown. Come on, let's be honest. But what ar the top 10 craziest video game freakouts? Take a look and see for yourself.

Fat Kid Throws GameBoy Across The Street

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Video: YouTube

00:00 - 00:05 The kid makes what we like to call "Baby T-Rex Hands" when he loses at something on his terribly outdated GameBoy. His friend, rightfully, laughs at him.

00:07 - 00:15 His friend, who's filming this, taunts him, the kid gets pissed and then pwned.

00:30 After dealing with the game he obviously can't beat, and the friend who is constantly pointing that fact out, the kid has had it and throws the GameBoy on the street. He is then overcome with instant regret, judging by his "oh my God".

Amazing. Let's step the crazy up a little, shall we?

Chocolate Milk, The Classic

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Video: YouTube

This internet classic is a case of a young boy talking tough, kicking ass at Rainbow Six and taking names... until his mother tells him to stop playing.

At about 00:45, the kid gets so mad at his mom for telling him not to play the game, that he begins to fire at his teammate in frustration. Absolutely hilarious.

At 1:16 the guy taping this for us realizes that he can close-up on the character's mouth and that this tiny 11 year old brat's voice can look, in the video game, like it's coming out of a military-trained 250 lb. black man. The kid goes out on a limb and makes that fateful mistake and calls his own mother a "B".

1:52 - 2:38 The chocolate milk argument.

3:12 is the payoff after the chocolate milk argument. The kid isn't playing anymore, but the character's mouth's movements are perfect. If you watch one part of this video, watch this part.

Please Mom! Please!

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Video: YouTube

Another classic. The entirety of this thing is a spectacle. A kid begging his Mom to let him keep playing World of Warcraft. For those strapped for time, here are the highlights:

00:48 Victory for the listener arrives in the form of a beg from the child when a weak little sob builds to a crescendo of inaudible screaming.

Even Dad arrives at 1:08!

This has really turned into a family affair. There hasn't been this much excitement with a family since there was sexual tension between the Brady kids.

Though 1:18 is sad, as the kid responds to claims that the game is separating the family. Pop steps in with some sound advice at 1:55, letting Son know he's only damaging himself (And not the Rogues he's probably owning. What does Dad know!?)

They bicker so long it even breaks into trivialities at 2:25 about skiing.

3:36 The video's end is arguably the best part. When the dust settles between the family members, we are left with the kid's teammates... who have been listening the whole time.

Halo 2 Rage

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Video: YouTube

It begins like any other day, the sounds of a child screaming in his bedroom at a video game he's been playing for likely 17 hours.

00:45 Although more moments are going to be pointed out here, the best part is at about 45 seconds in when the kid throws down his control, takes off his headset and goes on to attack the tiny people in his television that are causing him this such stress, identifies their gender and calls them a name.

This kid takes the cake in more than a few ways with classic moments happening at 0:15, 0:32, 1:34, and 3:02 this sweeping epic offers us a look into the mind of a young outcast boy, rivaled only in the film "Empire of the Sun".

Some of the child's true glory comes from the fact that it spans multiple days, at least one outfit change, both the moon and the sun and a little kid pounding the ground screaming. The most amazing thing? No parental interruptions.

Why no parental interruptions? In a perfect world, our guess would be that Mom set up the video camera and Dad was PWNing his son while relaxing in the master bedroom drinking sherry.