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2009 was a great year for celebrities. Well, some had better years than others, but these drunken moments prove that ALL publicity is GOOD publicity. We are still talking about them, right? I mean, even if they haven't made a good movie/TV show/commercial/whatever in years, we are sucked in again by moments like these moments. The following are the most embarrassing (publicity stunts) drunken moments of 2009.

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This guy is still big in Europe. WHY? Because he always gets drunk and they don't care. I couldn't find a video of him talking like this at the 2009 European Music Awards, but listen to his voice! Druuuunk.

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Kim visits sisters in Miami. Kim doesn't drink. Kim is almost 30. Kim gets embarrassingly drunk. I honestly think it is funny, we have all been there, but I am sure she was a tad embarrassed.

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Okay. I'm just gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here. I think maybe he was drunk when he did this to poor little Taylor Swift. I dig Kanye's passion, but c'mon dude, she's 19 and just starting out. Where's the love?

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