The Top 10 Fetishes Found At Comic-Con Every Single Year

For many attendees, San Diego's Comic-Con International goes beyond simply indulging their inner geek. An extraordinary refuge for the socially obscure that offers both diversity and a fleeting glimpse of public acceptance, Comic-Con makes the ideal venue to indulge in some other, lesser known behaviors that would be taboo in most any other location.

Here are the top 10 fetishes found this - and every - year at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

  • Furrydom

    An affinity for fictional animal or inhuman characters with human personalities or characteristics (anthropomorphism). Otherwise known as people who dress up in animal costumes and make love in them, or simply those who get off on arousing those who enjoy this.

    This furry fandom leads to the kind of adults-only content seen here.

    Furries have been increasing rapidly in numbers, spilling over into the pool of more mainstream conventions by the sheer quantity of anthro inspired art, music, costumes, and media, the unbridled enthusiasm of its participants, and popular films like the Harry Potter and Twilight movies, which frequently portray human-to-animal morphism. Science fiction and fantasy novels and cartoons featuring anthropomorphic animals are often cited as the earliest inspirations for the fandom.

  • Xenophilia

    In science fiction, physical attraction of humans to extraterrestrials.

    While once a vision of love between someone ordinary and someone less ordinary, like Sarek and Amanda Grayson (Spock’s parents from Star Trek), xenophilia has taken on a more alien shape in the Japanese art form known as shokushu goukan. Followers continue to push the envelope of what is traditionally considered sexy.

    Originating in terrestrial love between the tentacled creatures of the world, this predilection has taken on a much more extra-terrestrial turn.

  • Fashion Paraphilia

    All-encompassing term for attraction to clothing, including sexual arousal toward costumes, spandex, latex, stockings, boots, and oh so much more. Also known as cosplay in some circles (which is short for "costume play"), though the term is not always sexual.

    Seeing an accurate incarnation of a beloved character, who is most likely nonexistent outside the virtual realm, can be a fantasy come true, appealing to those who like to play dress-up as well as those who like to watch. Whether they’re motivated by their love for a protagonist or their love of being adored, cosplayers turn out in astounding numbers. And since clothing is such a widespread proclivity, no matter what you’re wearing (or aren’t), you’re bound to find someone who really appreciates your efforts.

  • Technophilia

    Love of electronics, media, and/or gadgetry.

    Here is the most terrifying video of a "sexy" female robot you will ever see. Tell your nightmares "you’re welcome."

    A predilection popularized primarily within the last 10 years or so, technophilia can refer to a sexual attraction to technology or a general enthusiasm for it.