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The Top 10 Games to Cheer You Up When You're Depressed

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Games for depressed people. We all have tough days, tough weeks and even tough years. At our lowest points we need to find a way to get through the day and so we look at the hobby that normally just entertains us and we ask that hobby to also make us feel better about ourselves. There’s music, movies and even foods that make us happier, so I’m going to list the best games to brighten our moods and lift our spirits. When the your world is starting to feel as dark as level 1-2 of Super Mario Brothers (budda budda budda……budda budda budda) load up one of these classic games to play when depressed and you’ll feel better than an Italian plumber who just collected a shine.

What are games for depressed people? There are some solid choices listed above, so take a look and hopefully you'll cheer up!
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    Okay, it’s a way-obvious choice, but come on! It may seem like the brightness of the game and the yelps of joy are the main reasons to include this game, but really it’s about the gameplay and the soundtrack. Just watch (and listen) to the clip here and try to stay in a grumpy mood. Seriously, try it. Watch the clip and try to keep wearing your biggest frown. I’ll wait…

    It’s impossible isn’t it? The sheer playful joy has cracked your bitter and apathetic exterior, and that’s just watching a clip. Once you play the game the genius of the level design will melt the ice around your heart. Go, explore Mario’s playground. He doesn’t even want thanked when you finish his game and go back to the real world. In fact he will thank you. "Thank you very much for to playing my game". No, don’t thank us. Thank you Mario. Thank you.
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    Journey is a gorgeous visual game for the PS3 that you can easily finish in a couple hours. It is a beautiful, satisfying game full of simple puzzles, sweeping landscapes and a mesmerizing soundtrack. 

    While the narrative of the game is simple, it's very moving and is about overcoming challenges and striving forward on your life's journey. I cried (happy tears) when I finished it for the first time. 

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    A beautiful but bitter sweet experience, Ico may seem like a strange choice for a game to cheer you up. Like Mario, the level design is gorgeous and the game is enjoyable. It’s the enemies that are the real reason that playing this game is such a positive experience. Shadowy, moaning opponents, these creatures bubble up from the environment like smoky, snaking nightmares. Their lack of form and distinct shape makes them a cypher for the obstacles we face in everyday life, they manifest all our fears and our pains and in this game and you fight them off with a stick. Beyond that, you fight them to defend not only yourself, but someone who is helpless and defenceless. You are a young boy, terrified and physically weak, but you defend those that cannot defend themselves and you fight enemies who want you to give up or to run away. Nothing could be more heroic, no metaphor could be more appropriate. Don’t give up, because doing the right thing is almost always the same as doing the hard thing, but it’s also always worth it.
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