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The Top 10 Greatest Crossovers in Video Game History 

Vince Cooley
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A crossover is when one character from one storyline enters the storyline of another, be it from game to game, cartoon to game, movie to game, etc. Whatever the situation may be, they often come off as cheesy marketing ploys. Sometimes, though, they're great, and we've come up with a list of the best crossover games. Inspired by the fourth item on this list, here are the 10 best, most seamless, and exciting crossovers in video game history.

You may not agree with every item on this crossover games list, but the characters listed here have seamlessly transitioned from one game into another, which unlike the fickle world of television, can work out for the best. So what are the best video game crossovers? Take a look here and you'll see for yourself.

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Who knew that placing Disney characters in a Final Fantasy universe would work so well? Apparently Disney and Square Enix did. This is easily one of the most touching, epic and engaging games of all time and definitely the best, smoothest and most seamless integration of characters from different games into one — making this the best video game crossover of all time.

A romantic plot always brings a certain cinematic quality to any game. Every objective means more and every time you level up it's to protect someone else; namely to protect someone you've always loved. You've had this person in your heart for your entire life, then just as things start to pan out for you, the world starts to fall apart.

So what's the best solution for this? Save the world, your love and all your friends in between. How are you going to do this? With the help of your new friends, Donald and Goofy. Together, you will go through the various worlds that are also in danger of falling apart to try and save everything from complete destruction.

This includes various Disney movies, through which you will meet all your favorite Disney characters. They're not thrown in as arbitrary cameos, but as people (or animals) who happen to have a firm grasp on their world. Whatever you're there to find, you will find it because of them. This game doesn't just bring some of your favorite characters to life, it puts them in an impossible situation with you (Sora), and you have to save everyone with their help.

With Donald and Goofy at your side, you fight both Cloud and Sephiroth, and it doesn't feel silly. It works. Which is amazing. You also run into Cid, Yuffie, and a still-living Aeris. Thank your game-loving stars that Disney Interactive and Square Enix had offices in the same building. An elevator conversation got this epic ball rolling.

Along with one of the earliest, most inspiring intros ever, Kingdom Hearts does not pull any punches when it comes to bringing you into the story, and universe, forever.

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You're either obsessed with this game and love it, or you're new to it, have tried to play it and have gotten demolished by another fan.

This fighting game has incredible balance and unbelievable gameplay, making this one of the most competitive games. The fact that it's a crossover game isn't even something that people see as a cheesy drawback: It's part of its assets.

Seamlessly making fights between Mario and Starfox or Kirby and Pikachu seem feasible, this game brings the crossover to a whole new level.

Much like Super Smash Bros. for the 64, this game piles on the characters from the Nintendo universe to include people like Link, Ash Ketchum, Kid Icarus, and even unexpected surprise characters like Jigglypuff.

Here's a video all of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl smashes.

The best part: Solid Snake, the gun-toting soldier from Metal Gear Solid, fights off comically cute Nintendo Characters. The game is a smorgasbord of crossovers, from Kirby to Pikachu, but the addition of Solid Snake was a stroke of genius. Complete with cardboard box for hiding from Samus Aran.

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Arguably the fastest and easily one of the greatest and most revered fighting games ever, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is really the belle of the ball of this series. The other games incorporate characters from two different mediums to fight against each other in ways that somehow make sense.

You choose a team of three from the screen, having the choice between characters from various Capcom games and any popular Marvel superheroes that are available. You go up against another team of three in a game that revolves around counterattacks, special attacks and never blinking. This is easily one of the more intense games you'll ever play if you're playing someone at your same skill level. You can play this game for so long you'll end up playing about 36 matches in a row without even noticing.

How do they account for any realism? They don't even try. They just have everyone make the moves you want them to make, so that the game is so fun you end up just trying to win instead of being bogged down by the fact that Thanos bringing a comet down to hit B.B. Hood wouldn't obliterate the girl with the guns.

Sure, Captain America would wipe the floor with Dan, but it doesn't hinder someone with insane Dan skills from beating you. This game relies so heavily on skill that the best players can choose a mediocre character and still wipe the floor with the rest of us.

'Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit Crossover'
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Here's the link to the game.

One of the most instantly classic crossover games we've ever played, and something everyone should really make the time to play through, this Super Mario Bros 8-Bit crossover game is one of the best things to ever happen to us. The inspiration for this list, and a dream come true, it's an amazing game.

You can play through levels of the NES Super Mario Bros. as other 8-bit characters like Mega Man, Samus, Link, and the lead from Contra.

The best part of this game is that these characters aren't just skins for Mario: They are all playable as they are in their original games.

Link throws boomerangs and uses a sword, Samus rolls up into a ball and lays bombs, the lead from Contra shoots a gun and crouches army-style — and this is just the beginning. Easily one of the flash games we've ever played, we will be telling people about this and sharing it for years to come.

Best character to play is Bill. Why? Mostly because the fact that what's happening in the picture to the left happens.

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