muppets The Top 10 Greatest Muppet Mash-Ups Ever  

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The Muppet Mash-Up has become one of the better genre surprises on You Tube. At first, they were just poorly retreaded Ernie and Bert impersonations over old Sesame Street footage, but they have evolved into an ongoing challenge to see who can mash the beloved family icons up with the craziest, and preferably the most inappropriate, soundtracks imaginable... as you will soon see. Here are the ten best we could find, judged on originality, synchcronization and passion.

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Miss Piggy- F**k The Pain Away

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Miss Piggy's rendition of Peaches "F**k The Pain Away" is both sacrilegious AND a great piece of editing. The masher does an exceptional job of capturing the mood of the song and matching it to a similarly shot Electric Mayhem video. Miss Piggy's syncing may not be perfect, but the selection of her reaction shots are dead on.

But the best part is the fact that, while this song would NEVER have made it onto the Muppet show, the sentiment sure seems right on the money. If any Muppet character would have requested that someone suck on their t***s, it probably would have been Miss Piggy (although in all fairness, it's not like there are a lot of other female muppets to begin with.)

LOST Babies - Let the Fear In

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The LOST Babies series on YouTube uses footage from the animated Muppet Babies series while putting captivating scenes from the hit show Lost as the audio.

This is the best one.

In this clip, young Kermit plays Jack from Lost telling the group about the time he was performing spinal surgery and made a mistake. "Membranes thin as tissue... Nerves just spilled out of her like angel hair pasta. Spinal fluid flowing out of her..." And the look on Kermit's face is spot-on. He sells the moment like a pro and the rest of the Lost Babies are forced to react in horrified shock.

Muppets Rick Roll

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Yes, it's the Rick Roll. Everyone's pretty sick of the Rick Roll but, damn it, whoever made this mashup knew exactly what they were doing. We had to double-check to make sure this wasn't just a clip from an episode of the Muppet Show. Beaker's impeccable casting, crushed velvet suit and well-timed dance moves are perfectly matched with the original performance and video.

Many have attempted to put another song behind this Muppet performance and it's never worked so well (see #10 on this list). That level of competition helps skyrocket this Rick Roll to #3 on our list.

"Sesame Streets" A Martin Scorsese Film

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Making an homage to Scorsese films in a Muppet mashup is no easy task. It's not like the folks at the Children's Television Workshop are practicing masters of deep focus, extended steadycam shots or experimental color-timing. Nevertheless this masher does an admirable job of taking footage from "Follow That Bird" and combining it with audio from many of Scorsese's greatest scenes.

Our favorites: Big Bird asking Mr. Snuffleupagus, "Are you talking to me? There's nobody else here." Also, Elmo's perfectly-timed dramatic pause in the climactic montage, when the clips REALLY start getting good.