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The Hardest Video Game Boss Battles

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The hardest video game bosses to beat are the fictional characters that stare you down and stand in the way of victory in your gaming environment. Of course, not all boss battles in video games are created equal. Some boss battles are just better than others. These are the hardest bosses with the best payoff - where the fights are hard, but worth it.

What is the hardest video game boss ever? What are the hardest videogame bosses to beat? From bosses in Final Fantasy to God of War to Diablo, these are the hardest (and most satisfying) boss battles to beat - but they're also the ones that make you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

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    Even at level 99, you can die in an instant; one wrong move gets you killed when you're facing off against these two superbosses. Square Enix really knows how to beat you down, even when you've earned a mega-sword that should turn any boss battle into a breeze.
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    Sephiroth is a legendarily tough boss in Kingdom Hearts for good reason. One hit from him can knock you down to one hit point.

    Unless you build up your HP throughout the entire game and basically don't relent on doing things like "finishing the level in a timely manner," you're going to have a really hard time trying to beat him when it really comes down to it.
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    You know a boss is going to be hard when the game is named after him and Mike Tyson is as difficult as it got in this boxing game. Your timing had to be precise and every blow had to be perfect if you wanted any hope of beating him. Not to mention the fact that he's huge. Like Incredible Hulk huge.

    The only saving grace is that win or lose, you still get to keep both of your ears.
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    It's appropriate that a game as notoriously difficult as Dark Souls would have bosses as hard as Ornstein and Smough.

    Beating them is an exercise in patience and strategy. Taking on both of them at once is a virtual death sentence. You have to divide and conquer, making sure neither of them manage to land a shot. Then it's all about biding your time until you can take one of them out for good. Once you've eliminated one, beating the other is a relative cakewalk, but getting there might just put a few grey hairs on your head.

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