The Top Horror Anime Of All Time, Ranked

There are plenty of scary movies and horror films for film lovers to choose from, but what about anime fans? Don't worry, there's lots of popular dark anime and good horror anime for fans to watch! This list of horror anime has been ranked from best to worst by fans of the genre. When it comes to scary, creepy, and zombie anime, if you want only the best, this list of top horror anime will help you find it! Don't forget about our list of the best horror manga too if you're a reader or the goriest anime if you like blood and guts.

If you're not a fan of anime, you might think it's all about school girls and giant robots. However, the top 10+ shows below can be downright terrifying, as they're some of the scariest anime of all time. Some are psychological horror like Paranoia Agent, while others involve fun action, zombies, and creatures, like High School of The Dead.

Either way these spooky Japanese animated shows are all guaranteed to creep you out, make you scared, and make you want to lock your door. Vote up the creepiest anime series! We also have lists for things like the best vampire anime, the best mystery anime, and the best gore anime, so check those out as well!

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