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film The Top 10 Horror Movie Deaths Over the Last 10 Years  

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Top 10 horror movie deaths over the last 10 years ranks memorable death scenes with an innovative killing element or style that hasn't been done before. (NOTE: This is NOT a halloween films for kids list. Get the little ones OUT of the room!)

The movies listed aren't everybody's favorite but you have to respect the carnage. The numerical rank is for the scene, not the movie. Enjoy the meat fest.

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Oh yes, the Saw franchise starring Shawnee Smith and co-writer Leigh Whannell made it to the list. The scene starts with the young victim hanging from a creepy device that looks like a piece of medieval gym equipment. She gets a work alright though when her rib cage is torn from her torso. This scene earns a spot for making you puke just a little.

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The Hills Have Eyes starring "Lost" actor Emilie de Ravin earns its spot for a great death scene where one of the victims turns the tables on his attackers. People have done many things with the American flag over the years but using one to impale a mutated killer is creative. It gets it spot for making you think of killer mutant hillbillies whenever you see the old stars and stripes.

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Hostel II where Lauren German actually did her own stunts gets a spot for one of the bloodiest death scenes in Cinema. When one of the victims is mutilated while hanging upside down to literally create a warm bloodbath for the killer to bath herself in. Looks like a commercial for a German day spa.

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