The Most Beautiful Women with "Bad" Teeth

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These girls all have bad teeth, but that doesn't mean they are not attractive.

In honor of celebrities with bad teeth, here's a list of beautiful women who happen to have a dental structure that most people would consider unattractive. But just because these women have crooked teeth, overbites, or an imperfect smile in general it doesn't mean that they are unattractive. These women prove that you don't have to have a conventionally pretty smile to be famous or a movie star. In actuality, girls today can look up to these women with "messed up" or "bad" teeth and see that celebrities such as Madonna and Jessica Paré have made it a part of their unmistakable look! These celebs own their teeth with pride.

This list includes celebrities with crooked teeth and big buck teeth as well as celebrities with overbites. For example, Anna Paquin teeth, Avril Lavigne teeth, Kirsten Dunst teeth, and more!