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The year 2009 has proven that there will never be a shortage of hunks on the small screen (Who uses the word "hunk" anymore? Apparently me). However, before 2009, there was never a shortage of studs onscreen. As we embark into the last year of a hot and studly decade, these are some of the hotties that have gotten our motors running for the past ten years. Men, take note.

Who are the hottest guys of the decade? Well, for the 2000s, this list will answer that question. You can agree with it, or you don't have to. But the fact of the matter is that these gentlemen are both charming and handsome, the perfect combination for an attractive man.
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On "The O.C", Brody was perfection as the half Jewish/half WASP, Chrismakkuh celebrating, Penguin t-shirt wearing, Death Cab For Cutie and comic book loving Seth Cohen. I may get speared for this, but he may have had a small contribution to the hipster movement. Just sayin'. He was quirky, funny, charming and awkward and he shimmied his way into our hearts from 2003-2007. His nerdiness made him unbelievably HOT, and that, my friends, is why he made the list.

As an homage to Seth Cohen, the clip to the left is a montage of "Chrismakkuh". see more on Adam Brody
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Come on. We all love seeing pretty boys play bad boys. And even when the bad boys become straight laced, we still love them. As Ryan Atwood from 2003-2007 on the hit show "The O.C.", McKenzie proved that he could be hot, hot, HOT, and it didn't matter if he was being good or bad. That's what we liked about him.

Just look at this awesome montage to the left.... see more on Ben McKenzie
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"Arrested Development". Need I say more?

I guess so...

As Michael Bluth from 2003-2006, the straight laced head of the Bluth family, Bateman provided us with laughter up the wazoo. Plus, he is really really really cute.

To the left is an especially hilarious clip from "Arrested Development".

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Who would have thought? The guy from that Melissa Joan Hart movie "Drive Me Crazy", REALLY?

Well, really. For serious.

As Vincent Chase, Adrien has come into our lives as the ultimate Hollywood heartthrob. Even if his character is a little douchey, it doesn't make us think he is any less hot.

<--"Vince Remixed" to the left.

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