The Top 10 JRPG'S For The Playstation 3

I did some researching on what the best Japanese RPG is for the PS3. Luckily I had some help from Metacritic and Wikipedia, It was hard choosing between choice one and two but I manage which is the best. Some games you might not see in my list so Im sorry if I didn't include those titles such as Resonance Of Fate or Enchanted Arms. I hope you enjoy this list. :)

  • Demon's Souls
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    ATLUS has created another brilliant game. It was a serious hard choice between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls but by a little inch..Demon's Souls took first. In my opinion every PS3 owner should try Demon's Souls and get playing in the dark fantasy world killing Demon's and taking their soul with frustrating difficult Combat - 89% Metacritic
  • Dark Souls
    Photo: Dark Souls/From Software
    Don't worry Dark Souls, your a great game but you caught up to second(which is good by the way). Known as the spiritual successor of Demon's Souls this game consists on dungeon crawling and its stellar combat system making it number 2 on our list - 89% Metacritic
  • Valkyria Chronicles
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    Coming in third is Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role playing game taking place in Europe 1935. The neutral nation of Gallia is under a war with the Atlantic Federation and you and your unit strategize a plan defeating enemy soldiers. Valkyria Chronicles has won many awards from gaming websites such as RPGamer, Gamespot, and Gamespy - 86% Metacritic
  • In 2009 the 13th installment of the Final Fantasy Series was released in Japan and North America in 2010.The game has sold 6.2 million copies worldwide but hardcore Final Fantasy fans has criticize the game as "disappointing". They have criticize its new fast pace battle system as just pressing the attack button for 20 hours. That's why it earned the fourth spot on the list - 83% Metacritic
  • Disgaea 4: a Promise Unforgotten
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    The fourth installment of the Disgaea series, praised as the best Disaega game since the 2003 original. I say its the best strategy RPG NIS America has for the PS3 - 81% Metacritic
  • Eternal Sonata came out for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 but many game reviews gave higher scores for the Playstation 3 version for have an extended story, new playable characters, and many other extra's like new dungeon's and customizable characters - 80% Metacritic