The Most Offensive Mel Gibson Quotes

Collection of the worst Mel Gibson quotes, from his disgraceful attack on his ex-girlfriend to his angry "dinner" tirade, released by Joe Eszterhas. (Check out this look at the funniest reactions to Mel Gibson's 2012 Tirade). Unfortunately, putting together a list of disgustingly offensive Mel Gibson quotes isn't hard - picking just a few from the many, many qualifying quotes is. Nowadays, when Mel Gibson makes the news, it's more likely to be because of his unique brand of offensive, homophobic and racist rants than anything he's done on the silver screen. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 most offensive Mel Gibson quotes... for now.

Is Mel Gibson one of your favorite actors or role models? Well, here is a list of quotes that might change your opinion about the actor- that is if you viewed him as a nice, polite man.