The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Planned Parenthood Ads  

Ariel Kana
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The arguments against Planned Parenthood, as an organization, have always come off as a little crazy. There's really not really a stance you can take against the organization that isn't either anti-education or that doesn't promote some kind of middle-ages mentality. So here, in one place, are the craziest, most absurd (and therefore hilarious) commercials and PSAs coming out against choice and Planned Parenthood. Abortion is a very touchy subject, there's always a lot of pro life arguments, pro choice arguments, and right to life arguments. Most of these center around what are the abortion laws and facts on abortion. But this list focuses on the most ridiculous anti-abortion ads. From pro life supporters with anti abortion ads, to campaign ads with the same message. These commercials blur the line  between fact and fiction and fuel the abortion debate.

Planned Parenthood Is Trying To Turn Kids Into Sex Addicts
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That is the premise of this video by The American Life League, Planned Parenthood is an evil genius corporation that is trying to turn children into sex addicts by luring them in with "vagina cakes" that is cakes that look like vaginas. This host goes on to say that "age appropriate is a standard concocted by Planned Parenthood itself so that it can sell pornography to kids as science." He manages to say all of this with a straight face. He then says, "Planned Parenthood's goal is to make sex addicts" and that they follow the same business model as drug dealers, "their gateway drug is masturbation". Really?! Planned Parenthood invented and distributes masturbation?! 

"If a dirty old man showed these images to kids in a park he'd be arrested, but Planned Parenthood does it in a classroom and they get government funding." I'm pretty sure if a dirty old man started cutting up a frog or pig heart in front of kids in a park he'd be arrested, but a teacher can do it in the classroom and some would call it science! I don't think it's the classroom that's making it okay, I'm sure if that dirty old man touched kids in the no-no special place in a classroom he'd still be arrested. But distributing facts and informing youths to have safe sex is indeed public health and falls under government funded programs.

"They try to encourage boys and girls to masturbate and try to dispel any embarrassment or hesitation in trying it" I'm not seeing a problem here.

"This page explains how to have gay sex using a condom, dental dam, or even plastic wrap" Planned Parenthood is teaching kids to have protected safe sex? HOW DARE THEY!

This goes on for over six minutes, what The American Life League was trying to do was paint a bad picture of Planned Parenthood what they succeeded in doing was showing all the good things Planned Parenthood does.

Anti-Late Term Abortion Commercial
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This actually aired on TV, I believe they're going for the "scare tactic" here. This ad portrays doctors that perform abortions as creepy terminator creatures that talk like Christian Bale in the Batman movies.

Two parents in matching sweatsuits walk what is clearly a toddler (also in a matching sweatsuit) into a room full of balloons and then the evil abortion doctor shoots him in the head, because that is what happens in abortion clinics. You have the baby, decide you can't stand the terrible two's, and bring the kid to the clinic where they murder it.
Obama Has Ordered All Christian Institutions To Pay For Drugs That Murder The Unborn. -David Lewis For Congress 2012

This is a four part series of campaign ads for David Lewis who is running for Congress. David hails from Ohio and describes himself as a "Pro Life/ Pro Tea Party". These ads were unable to run on television due to graphic images so David hosts them on his site.

This one says that "Obama has ordered all Christian Institutions to pay for drugs that murder the unborn." I'm not exactly sure what David is talking about here, I'm guessing he's referring to the new mandate about birth control. Obama has mandated an order that birth control be covered by insurances and eventually by the government mandated healthcare policy but abortion, and the Plan B pill is still a state issue.

Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad
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Everyone knows that Tim Tebow's mother thought about aborting him, but she didn't. So, the Tebow's have taken it upon themselves to tell everyone not to have an abortion because maybe, just maybe your little accident will be an NFL player. Which is extremely likely, it's not like there's some statistical data done by NCAA that says only .08% of high school football players will be drafted into the NFL.