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Sequels are typically considered bad because, for the most part, they usually are. This is a list of sequels that, while not terribly superior to the original, suffered a critical demise because of the shadow cast by their previous films. They get crapped on left and right and do NOT deserve it. Here are the top ten most unfairly crapped on sequels.

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Sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show fans are f**king insane. I should know, I dated one once. If you mention this sequel to most of them, they cringe and bitch that it ruined the storyline.

What they forget is that RHPS is kind of a piece of s**t. Don't get me wrong, I love it... but I mean you take away the catchy songs and it's easily a HORRIBLE attempt at a Sci-Fi movie. But maybe that's just me.

Shock Treatment predicted reality TV's effects on the world almost 2 decades before they even happened. Richard O'Brien's song writing improved greatly and the satire was stronger than ever before.

The story is beyond strange and the songs are infectiously catchy. There isn't enough to be said about this film that has seriously be ignored and despised quite unfairly.

If you've been told by a Rocky Horror fan that this movie is terrible. Remember that RHPS fans are to musicals with MSI and ICP fans are to music. They're opinions really don't matter. see more on Shock Treatment

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The Friday the 13th series tends to either be really good and fun (like parts 1-4) or really bad (parts 7-10 & 5). My personal pick (and many others' pick as well) for worst of the series is Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, which left us all feeling cheated.

It's understandable why the studio did what they did but it still was a cheat.

You see it goes like this; Jason was killed in Part 4. Part 5, the killer is a man DRESSED as Jason; the purpose of this being to drive Tommy Jarvis insane (the boy who killed Jason) and turn him into the NEXT Jason for the series to begin again.

When everyone cried out about being cheated by Part V the studio decided... okay, let's bring Jason back... which for a lot of fans was too little too late.

What makes Jason Lives so entertaining is that it spends the entire film tongue-in-cheek, breaking down the 4th wall and winking at the audience from start to finish.

It pays tributes to countless films (including Frankensteiny reviving Jason) and goes into humorous absurdity (Jason slams a face into a tree in this film and it leaves a bloody smiley face imprint).

This was the last good film with Jason; but it's rare to find people who consider it good, which is a shame. This shouldn't be put in the same gathering as New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan & New Beginning.

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Nightmare on Elm Street has always been my favorite horror franchise, but the series is not without its bad sequels (Part 2 & 5).

It's also not without it's great sequels (Part 3, 4 & 7).

More often than not this movie gets ranked with the worst of the worst in horror, and film in general.

But it's really not that bad.

Granted it doesn't live up to the fun of Dream Warriors, the great death scenes of Dream Master or the brilliance of New Nightmare; but it's definitely not as bad as Freddy's Revenge & Dream Child. Despite this I frequently see this listed as the worst of the series.

Freddy's Revenge was made in jest (according to the incredible documentary "Never Sleep Again"), but instead it managed to piss off almost every fan for making Freddy all about the comedy and none about the horror.

But with a movie that has cameos from people like Alice Cooper, Rosanne & Tom Arnold you really can't expect much. Reportedly there was even an intention to have a Divine cameo in the movie before her untimely demise.

Again, check out the documentary Never Sleep Again which also discusses Peter Jackson's original script for this which sounds AWESOME. Yes, THAT Peter Jackson, Academy Award Winning Peter Jackson, who if you don't know also directed a horror classic called Dead Alive which is arguably the goriest movie ever made.

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American Pie was one of the best 90s teen comedies, American Pie 2 was equally as good (or in my opinion better) covering the percentage of people who can't let go of their High School lives. American Wedding however was a steady decline.

Soon the Name American Pie became a direct-to-DVD brand name much like "National Lampoon". I have watched all 4 of the direct to DVD sequels and some of them (Band Camp & Book of Love) are really bad. But some of the other ones actually aren't THAT terrible.

American Pie: The Naked Mile (technically part 5) is actually quite good.

I'd even consider it better than American Wedding.

The only problem in the entire movie is that it's desperately trying to keep with-in the continuity of American Pie. The movie actually feels like Oceans 12 & Saw 2 where it's just a different script that was changed mildly to be a sequel to an already established brand name.

Naked Mile however is a fun script (not good mind you, but entertaining). It has some laugh out loud moments, it's got some fun sight gags, a touching love story and finally (and more importantly for this particular genre) lots of great nudity.

Probably the only direct-to-DVD movie that I own and have watched more than once.

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