Quotations The Top 10 Movie Phrases That Need to be Permanently Retired  

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We've heard them a million times, used for any reason possible both in and out of the theater, but isn't it about time that we put these lines to rest? After enough times, these once brilliant lines have lost all their original value, and are now as cheap and used up as a 43 year old hooker standing outside the 99 cent store.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

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This has to be THE most overused, tired phrase in movie history, and it has it's own Facebook page as proof. Every time some idiot in a film picks up a big gun or some other hilariously weird projectile, there is a good 90% chance that the infamous line will be spouted out with all the comedic weight of a spiky hemorrhoid. When you hear this line in a movie, it’s like the actor, director, and writer simultaneously kicking you in the taint and insulting your intelligence (it's no wonder that you mostly hear it in Wayans movies).

So if you ever encounter anyone who seriously utters the last words of Tony Montana thinking that it makes them sound cool, please apply your fist swiftly to the back of their skull.

Here's an example of how it's all gone too far; when you've reached the point where 5 year olds are blindly re-enacting a horribly ultra violent, foul mouthed film and replacing giant piles of cocaine with jiffy-pop all for the chagrin of their amused parents. Then you know the popcorn isn't the only thing that's gotten stale. Skip to 1:20 for the Mini-Montana saying the line everyone loves so much.

I'm Going To Make Him An Offer He Can't Refuse

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If you make a mafia movie, chances are you are in one way or another ripping off ‘The Godfather’. This fact is concreted by the fact that way too many of them have fallen in the trap of actually stealing lines from the story of Don Corleone, and this is the line most often lifted. Even if it’s not a mafia movie you’re watching, there is a fair chance that some sinister character will have this line pass through his lips, which is unforgivable. Using this line as wantonly as it has been is like beating a dead headless horse.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

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First uttered by Judy Garland in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, this phrase has forever since been a favorite of a character caught in a place/situation completely new to them. We get it, you’re confused, but that doesn’t mean you get to dust off this old emerald. It may have been fun or intelligent the first few times, but it’s been over 70 years since its origin, so maybe give it a rest.

Why not quote ‘The Wiz’ instead? You’ll sound way more original, and it might impress your black friends, and you need some points after that little verbal slip up you had last week. You know what I’m talking about.

You Can't Handle the Truth

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Ever since Jack Nicholson’s outburst in ‘A Few Good Men’, this line has been included in as many court room scenes as possible; and the Nicholson impressions, let’s not forget how original those still are. The dumbest thing about it is that the phrase never adequately fits in naturally, so it has to be shoehorned in via the most awkward and obvious way which is like someone giving you a 30 second warning before they pour stale s**t in your ear.

Here's a classic example, minus the courtroom or any sort of context. The taped audience seems to love it...