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Total Nerd The Top 10 PC First-Person Shooters  

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First-person shooters first became popular on the PC, so it's no surprise that the best first-person shooters ever made can be accessed from the hard drive. Hopefully, when that hard drive gets infected with viruses, Norton will make anti-virus software that lets you blast them with a rocket launcher. Until that fateful day comes to pass, here are the top 10 first-person shooters for the PC, in no real order. Sure, some of them are also available on the consoles, but we all know that a mouse is far better suited for your trigger finger than a stupid controller. Reaction time ftw!
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I gotta put Doom on here. It's like a rule. And why shouldn't I? Doom kickstarted the whole first-person genre. It's pretty simple compared to today's fare-you're just a space marine fighting a one-man war against the armies of hell. With shotguns, chainguns, rocket launchers, and chainsaws, though, it never gets old. That's a feat to put on your resume, that's for sure. see more on Doom
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Half-Life revolutionized the genre with an involving storyline and scripted characters. You are never brought to a cutscene at any point-you're still free to move around in real time while scripts happen, making the whole experience feel more immersive. As you jaunt through Black Mesa and fight off aliens, you may just wonder why your character never talks. Well, he does talk. Unfortunately, only your dog can hear what he's saying. see more on Half-Life
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Hail to the king, baby. With the Build engine, 3D Realms was able to create this raunchy, entertaining sequel to the classic 2D Duke Nukem games. It's actually a pretty drastic jump. In the 2D games, did you know that Duke wore a pink shirt? And collected balloons? And watched Oprah? Oh yeah. Not so manly anymore, is he?*

*(Note: the preceding facts about Duke Nukem are all false and never happened. I send out my apologies to Duke Nukem. He is a great, manly person, and definitely wouldn't think about emptying his pistol on a loser like me-BLAARGH) see more on Duke Nukem 3D
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Halo was a major factor in the success of the XBox, and it's pretty fun to boot. Taking the role of a soldier called Master Chief, you must fight off a group of aliens called The Covenant while trying to unlock the secrets of the mysterious Halo. You must also work to stop The Flood, a parasitic organism with an annoying habit of resurrecting lifeforms you've already shot. Though, if you find yourself without a weapon, you can still partake in one of my favorite activities: zombie punching. While this will proably get you killed, at least you'll go out like the manliest man around. see more on Halo: Combat Evolved