Advertising The Top 10 Products I Promise Nobody Needs  

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If you've never thought to yourself, "Self, today we're going to go out into the world and blow money on ridiculously pointless crap that we don't need and will never use," then this list is for you.

Poop Freeze and Poop Freeze Holster

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As if we were already lacking a staggering array of totally unnecessary products to pick up dog f***s, along comes Poop Freeze and the Poop Freeze Carry Tote. While city living makes cleaning up after one's pet a requirement, the enthusiasm with which the...shall we say...Fido fecal industry...has taken to product invention is nothing less than disturbing. Who are the people coming up with these ideas? What are the company brainstorm sessions like? Do they force friends and family to listen to their latest and greatest ideas about something that most people prefer to pretend doesn't need doing? And who is actually going to spend $14.95 and/or $3.50, respectively (plus S&H), to meticulously cover their pup's poop in frozen air, before deftly grabbing it for disposal? Isn't this a lot of thought and effort for something that is - across-the-board - disgusting? You don't need this. This is weird, this is icky, this would never exist in a Utopian world. So please do not encourage the mass production of these products. You'll thank me for it.


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You thought it was going to be a Snuggie, didn't you? Oh no. Not when we have waterwings for adults...for sleeping. "Since our sleeve pillow is worn over your arm, wrist, leg or ankle, it moves with you and you can change sleep positions naturally - and sleep like a kid again."Just in case you slept like some twisted retard as a youngin'. Seriously, princess, just buy a better pillow and quit yer bitchin. You don't need to shell out $20 for a glorified sweat band. Save the money for therapy. You're welcome.

Beer Burglar Alarm

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In the place where you live, is it a really big problem that your beer is getting...burgled? Like the Hamburglar keeps invading your space, but has developed a drinking problem? If you suffer from this delusion, I think the last thing you need is more beer - but this is how the Beer Burglar Alarm works: "Simply attach the device to your cans and sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that no one can touch your cans without one of two things happening: a) a mafioso voice piping up, saying ‘Keepa da hands off ma beer,' or b) a banshee-like siren piercing the would-be thieves eardrums." I know that I don't have to pay $10 to have a device scream like a banshee when trespassers touch my cans. I can do bad all by myself. But if you find that people keep pinching your PBR or that you are otherwise helpless against unwanted "can touchers," maybe $10 is a small price to pay.

Breakfix Cereal Dispensers

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Do you dread pouring yourself a bowl of cereal in the morning? Is the idea of opening a box, unfolding the interior plastic and pouring it - carefully - into a bowl (without spilling!) almost enough to keep you in bed? Never fear, the Breakfix is here! Just by pushing your bowl against the release on the Breakfix, you get a perfectly portioned amount of delicious breakfast goodness. And with all the time saved, you'll be able to ponder the other hurdles that loom large in your day, such as how to tie your shoelaces or unlock the front door.