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READ The Top 10 Reasons J-Lo Is Hotter Than Sarah Palin  

James Green
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Due to the large amount of controversy generated from Jennifer Lopez's comments regarding Sarah Palin on the George Lopez show, I figured I'd make a list of all of the reasons that J-Lo is hotter than Sarah Palin Lopez.

I'm just saying, dude... I know *I* would. see more on J.Lo

Large Butt

As a dude, I can assure you that Jennifer's behind is top notch and the byproduct of what I can only imagine was deliberate genetic alchemy.

Not Racist

While this cartoon obviously is a tongue-in-cheek exaggeration, meant only to humor, its portrayal of Palin is scarily accurate.

No Political Aspirations

Sarah Palin wants to actually control important things through political office (and Fox News.) Enough said.