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The Top 10 Reasons PETA is NOT VEGAN  

Ryan Cruz
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Bad reasons for eating vegan often lead to "cheating" and very non vegan behavior. My vegan behavior is very staunch. I eat vegan. Period. An organization such as PETA is known for their love of animals...but where do they stop? We all have heard the yelling masses parading naked with fliers telling everyone why they should be kinder to non-humans. Usually for vegans this is a good thing, I mean sexy naked people agreeing with us -- how is this bad? Well, PETA can be very bad, and through the years have proved just how decidedly NOT VEGAN they are. PETA is a great organization with its heart in the right place, but they are NOT vegan friendly. Vegetarian is as far as they go.
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Meat Awards
In 2004 PETA awarded Animal Scientist Dr. Temple Grandin, a Visionary award for their annual "proggy awards". They cite that "Dr. Grandin's improvements to animal-handling systems found in slaughterhouses have decreased the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in their final hours, and she is widely considered the world's leading expert on the welfare of cattle and pigs." Now, the truth is Grandin, engineers the killing technology on factory farms, she was the chief designer of Burger King’s devices of murder.
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Burger King Ads
Speaking of Burger King, PETA has allowed Burger King ads on their website. It's commonly thought that this is in response to Grandin’s award.
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Human Death
In no less than two instances PETA has used violent public death to capitalize their agenda. First was comparing the Women murdered by Robert Pickton to Pigs a few years back. And recently they attempted to put up ads where the murdered abortion doctor George Tiller practiced.
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I assume most people are aware, but PETA’s rescues animals often but feels that they cannot be rehabilitated so instead puts them down. Publicly available archived evidence shows the number of deaths since 1998 at over 21,000. In 2008 of the 95 animals that were put into the company’s care, only seven were adopted.