The Best Screamo Bands of All Time

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Only screamo punk bands. Not to be confused with emo bands

Who are the best screamo bands of all time? Everyone has an opinion about which musicians are the greatest when it comes to the screamo genre. If you're into good, hardcore punk and emo, you probably love screamo too. There are also a ton of great Christian screamo bands and girl screamo bands that have been standouts in the genre in recent years. What exactly is screamo? In short, it's very aggressive music that involves, well, screaming. Sometimes screamo bands shift tempo in a song quickly, but the forceful lyrics are almost always emphasized. Vote for the bands you like the most, and vote down any that you don't.

The best screamo music includes songs from bands like Of Mice & Men, Slip Knot and Bullet for my Valentine. Defining these bands as just screamo probably wouldn't be accurate, though: Some bands listed here are definitely heavy metal, emo and/or "metalcore." They are also often punk, because punk is a heavy influence on any screamo music. Just check out this list of the best punk bands of all time for proof.

The screamo sound is also strongly influenced by thrash metal. Whatever you choose to call it, screamo is a hugely popular music genre, and the famous screamo bands/artists listed here are at the top of their game with their unique sounds.

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