ads The 24 Sexiest Actually-Sexy Super Bowl Ads of All Time  

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In honor of the Super Bowl, let's take a look at the most important part of the broadcast... the super sexy Super Bowl commercials. From the Kate Upton Carl's Jr. masterpiece to babes fighting over Bud Lite, everything you tune in to see during the big game is collected here. Some of these commercials were banned, some were awesome to see with friends, they were all definitely awkward to watch with your family... but most importantly they're burned into our minds forever. Here are the sexiest Super Bowl ads of all time. 

Most commercials are boring and give you absolutely no reason to watch them, but these commercials draw people to watch the Super Bowl even if they don't like football. If companies are going to spend millions of dollars for the air time in order to have their commercial played during the Super Bowl,  then they definitely will make sure to entertain you so you don't leave to make a snack. Not only are these commercials sexy, but some of them are also iconic pieces of the American cultural landscape. As ridiculous as it sounds when you're talking about soda commercials, you know that Cindy Crawford has forever changed the way you see Pepsi. 

 Take a look at the sexiest Super Bowl ads of all time,  and feel free to leave us a comment about your favorites!
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Cindy Crawford's Classic Pepsi Commercial Cindy Crawford's Pepsi commercial is the water mark for all  Super Bowl commercials. It's not only iconic because it's one of the first super sexy commercials, but it's also the only thing that's ever made Pepsi seem ...

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Miller Lite Loves a Girl Fight This commercial for Miller Lite would have fit in perfectly with Russ Meyers' oeuvre, except he would have called it something like Chicks on Beer Mountain, or Fight, Beer Babes, Fight!  

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Bud Lite Doesn't Want You to Get Any Bright Ideas Should these guys be drinking in a yoga class? It's like, a hundred degrees in those rooms. 

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Ranker Video Gives the Nerds Some Love No matter who you are, you know when Bar ReFaeli' starts making out with that nerd your head explodes. The original GoDaddy girl commercial STILL hasn't been beaten. 

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Doritos Sets the Room on Fire A lot of guys that came of age in 1998 have Ali Landry's Doritos commercial to thank for their sexual awakening, and for their misunderstanding of how a water sprinkler system works. 

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Tabasco is Muy Caliente! We don't know if this commercial helped Tabasco sell any more hot sauce, but it definitely made us Google, "Tabasco+commercial+girl" during the half time show.  

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Megan Fox Gets in a Bathtub for Motorola Yes, Megan Fox is a very sex babe but we spent this entire commercial worrying that she was going to drop her new phone in the tub. 

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Britney Spears Sells Pepsi One More Time It's hard to believe that ever since this commercial aired that Pepsi has been the number one cola on the planet. What's that? It's not. Welp, we'd better shave our heads and chase people with an umbrella. 

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Carl's Jr. Likes Date Night We all know there's nothing fancier than a steak sandwich, just like how there's nothing sexier than a sad girl in a blue dress. 

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Carl's Jr. Pulls Its Pork Is there an NSFW tag for "gratuitous butts and bad puns?" 

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Carl's Jr. Goes All Natural Was anyone else weirded out by how big that burger was?

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Catrinel Menghia Sells Fiats and Maybe Transforming Robots? Is Catrinel Menghia a transformer? Great, that's just what we need, sexy models that can turn into tiny cars. Thanks Obama. 

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Kate Upton Likes it Hot Hot Hot! It doesn't take a genius to realize that there's a simple equation for having one of the sexiest, and most talked about Super Bowl commercials of all time:   Kate Upton + Hamburger + Classic Car + Did We Mention Kate ...

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Mercedes Knows How to Get You to Wash Your Car Sure, it's not the sexiest Kate Upton commercial on the list, but there's something inherently charming about one of the world's most beautiful women faking out a bunch of meatheads. 

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Campari Never Looked So Good If you thought Campari was just for high school kids with bad taste, you were wrong bucko! It's also for super hot actresses who DGAF what they drink. 

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According to Ashley Madison, Everybody's Doing It As much as we want to boo at Ashley Madison for being a dating site for people who want to cheat on their S.O.'s, we have do love a good Shining reference. Also, can you meet capybara's on Ashley Madison? If so, SIGN ...

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Axe Body Spray is a Threat to National Security Is is sexy or scary that a TSA agent can make you strip because you smell delicious? Maybe it's both. 

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Adriana Lima Sells...Something? A seductive Victoria's Secret model and a football. No cat walk, no dancing, just the seductive Adriana Lima chilling in a chair smiling at you. You know thousands of babies were conceived after this Super Bowl ad.

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Godaddy Finds the Perfect Canvas Does anyone have the numbers on how many .co's sold after this commercial aired? Or the number of that model? We'll take either one. 

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Victoria's Secret is in the Mood for Love Did anyone else get the feeling that Lana Del Rey was going to show up at the very end and pout at you?

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Peta Wants You to Know That Vegetarians Like Sex Too We don't know if vegetarians actually have better sex or not, but we do that this commercial made us think about pumpkins in a way that we never thought we would. 

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This Visa Commercial Wow. This commercial exists in some weird sex-torture universe where women just do whatever men think of. Is it possible that this is a leaked scene from an upcoming sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey?

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Camry's Lady Couch Sure, it's incredibly offensive, but at least Camry finally came right out and said that women (and very attractive men) are nothing but objects. Now let's all go buy a car!

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Farrah Fawcett's Noxzema Commercial Do you think Noxema knows that cream was being used as a metaphor in this commercial? 

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Kim Kardashian in a Post Sex Tape Sketchers Commercial Would it have killed Sketchers to shell out the money for a Ray J lookalike?