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11 Cool Things from Movies That Actually Exist Now

Updated September 23, 2021 192k views11 items
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Ever wish that the coolest gizmos and gadgets you see in movies were real? In some cases, they are. Or, well, people have made them real. This list of movie props in real life includes some awe-inspiring props from some of the biggest, most successful movies in history.

Want a Delorean with a working flux capacitor (replica)? Can do. Ever wish that you could cruise around town in your own Batmobile picking up groceries and dry cleaning? You can. For a price. Need an R2-D2 Star Wars robot to spy on everyone in your house? Yep, you can have one.

These are the coolest, most interesting (and totally desirable) real-life movie props. Hopefully this will inspire those of you inventor-types to get to work on a real version of that robo-teddy bear from AI.

What real life movie props actually exist now? Take a look and you'll see some really cool stuff from the movies, like gadgets, that you can actually get now. Pretty cool huh?

  • The 'Up' House

    Video: YouTube

    In March of 2010, a group of engineers and scientists created a real-life house from the Pixar movie Up. You know, the one with all the balloons that kept it in the air? Yes, that one.

    This flying yellow house was suspended by a cluster of 300 balloons (each balloon was 8 feet tall and each used a whole tank of helium).

    Did it work? Yes! Amazingly, the yellow house successfully soared over the California desert at an altitude of 10,000 feet for about an hour!

    As Carl Frederickson would say, "So long, boys!"
  • The Shoes From 'Back to the Future II'

    Video: YouTube

    Remember Marty McFly's futuristic shoes with the power laces? You know, the sneakers that Michael J. Fox wore in 1989's Back to the Future II? They've time traveled, in the form of the Nike Air MAG, a new shoe that bears a strong resemblance to Marty's magic shoes. Sadly, at this point, no word on a hoverboard to go with the shoes...or a shiny plastic rainbow hat.

    Michael J. Fox appeared on David Letterman's show on September 8, 2011, to promote the special Back to the Future Air Mag. 1500 pairs were auctioned on eBay, with proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Awesome!

  • Jetpacks Like Boba Fett's In 'Star Wars'

    Video: YouTube

    Two "Jetmen" named Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet flew in their jetpacks in formation with an Emirates A380 Airliner over Dubai in November 2015. Although there's no word as to whether these two Swiss daredevils will try to collect bounty on Han Solo for Jabba the Hutt, their jetpacks are definitely pretty freaking cool.

  • The 'Tron' Light Cycle

    Video: YouTube

    As long as we're throwing around money, let's keep going. If you're a Tron fan, you'll love this one: In December of 2010, Parker Brothers Choppers debuted a street-legal Tron Light Cycle machine. This $55,000 Light Cycle, sadly, does not come with access to the Grid.