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The Top 10 US Cities With High Homelessness Rates

Updated October 17, 2018 282.5k views10 items

This is a fact-based list of the top ten US cities with a high homelessness rate, which also factors in their surrounding metropolitan areas. The homeless population by city is calculated with the help of census data, as well as journalistic investigations and public health surveys. 

The national average of the rate of homelessness is 21 people for every 10,000. The average rate for the highest homeless population cities on this list is a little above 46 people for every 10,000. And as you can see, California has more large metropolitan areas with a homelessness rate above the national average on this top ten list than any other state.

What cities have the most homeless people? Believe it or not, metropolitan areas like Honolulu, Seattle, and San Diego are on the list alongside mega-cities like New York and Los Angeles.

And please, after you read this list of top US cities by their homelessness rate, donate to or volunteer at a shelter near you.

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