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Total Nerd The Top 10 underwhelming videogame boss fights  

Tom Welsh
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Love them or hate them, boss battles have existed in games since almost the beginning of our hobby and will continue to challenge and frustrate us for as long as games exist. What happens when they disappoint us though?

This list showcases the most crushingly disappointing conflicts when it comes to boss battles. In these moments, the climactic showdown can go from a potentially epic crescendo to an embarrassed whimper. Here are the ten bosses who check out like journeymen boxers paid to take a drop in the first round.

*Warning, some of this list is spoiler-ific*

Fable 2 -- taste my music box!

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While I loved Fable 2 and especially enjoyed the moody epilogue where you played out a day from your childhood, this was one disappointing way to take out a final boss. For an enemy that has ruined your life, fighting him with a music box is pretty anticlimactic. Still, at least afterwards you get to kill him (or let Reaver do it for you).

Street Fighter -- Every boss after Bison

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Sure, I guess Sagat was okay in the first Street Fighter, if a bit overpowered. M Bison meanwhile was a tough but largely fair opponent. After that though? All downhill. Akuma appeared as a secret boss in Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo and was insanely, stupidly powerful. Gil in Streetfighter 3 was a strange blue and red striped fighter using fire and ice attacks. Rather cheaply though, his normal attacks did chip damage meaning he was insanely hard to defend against and you could almost never achieve a perfect. Added to that, he had a move which allowed him to resurrect himself from death and all his normals chained easily and did incredible damage. This led to Gil being banned in tournaments in the versions of Street Fighter where he was playable.

While Street Fighter 3 had the striped Gil, Street Fighter 4 had the all-blue Seth. Learning no lessons from their previous game, Seth was again overpowered with an Ultra combo which was brutally effective. The worst part of playing against Seth was that he would play badly for the first round, but by the final round he would suddenly use all of his most powerful multi-hit moves. Suffice it to say the multiplayer version of Seth had his health brutally gimped to make him a fair pick in tournaments. Still, not many fighting games have had better bosses than Street Fighter. Geese Howard and Azazel are just as bad.

Ocarina of time -- Its Morpha-ing time

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As universally loved as Ocarina of Time is, the water temple is equally loathed. The final boss of this crushingly dull level is Morpha, a giant something. Resembling a cell with a nucleus that you attack via hookshot, Morpha is basically a big room with water you encounter at a time in the game when you never want to see water again. The mid level Mirror Link boss meanwhile was awesome, meaning Morpha is that much more disappointing in comparison.

Resistance: Fall of Man -- Man Vs Central Nuclear Fusion Reactor

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What's more fun than struggling through a dull, grey, pedestrian FPS to reach the end and face a central nuclear fission reactor as a final boss? Just about anything actually. It seems that the Resistance developers (Insomniac) missed the fact that although people loved Half Life 2, not many of them were fussed with the big tower-with-a-weak-spot boss at the end. At least in Half Life 2 the tower was visually impressive. In Resistance you're in another grey room shooting at a grey pillar while being attacked by grey enemies. Grey.