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There are an insane amount of SEO blogs on the web, but generally they all say the same things over time. Yes, I know, all SEOs know it's important to create a ton of content, and that's why that's happening, but the SEO blogs actually worth reading are listed above. Some are very popular ones, others not so much. These blogs bring a twist to SEO that keep me & their other readings coming back. Ok ok, I am a little biased to Link Builders, but without further adieu, here's our Top 10 Interesting SEO Blogs.

Not a shocker here; SEOmoz has provided great daily posts for quite a while now.

Personally I'm an SEJ fan for a lot of reasons; one being that they're the only SEO blog that offers an app so I can read it on my iPhone easily. But the reason I added it is because of the variety of authors & perspectives.

I've always been a huge Blue Hat SEO fan, but I'm quite disappointed it's not frequently updated with new posts. But no one can argue how much of a fun read this blog is! Some of the most creative SEO tactics I've ever heard of.

An awesome part of SEO that only Bill Slawski addresses - search patents. A great read on what Google, Yahoo, and Bing are up to.