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Is this too easy? Probably. I know better people than I have made their own Liefeld Lists of Pouches and Swords (notably: Progressive Boink) but I think I have a few he missed... plus, it's never a bad thing to collect this much awesome into one place. Imagine if Rob had taken a few anatomy classes? Or maybe even a drawing class or two? Where would we be? We wouldn't have the Honorable Mention on this list, that's for sure. And that's not a world I want to live in.
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Codpieces is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list The Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers
Photo: Rob Liefeld/Marvel Comics

This was a variant cover, so maybe I shouldn't count it... but he drew it with the intent of it being a cover, sooo... fair game. I really am only including it because 1) new way to hide hands and 2) are those codpieces? On women? Or maybe they are built in maxi-pad holders?

PS. Those boobs are seriously freaking me out.
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THIGHS is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers
Photo: Rob Liefeld/Image Comics

Yep, hands clenched around swords... no feet. Pouches and straps, plenty of both. This is a classic. Oh, and the stroke seems imminent, as it should with all those blood vessels popping out.... Leifeld's creations are always one step away from a level of intensity that should technically damage the brain in some way.

But I digress.... look at the size of those thighs! I mean, think how many pouches you can strap around those bad boys!

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YAAAAAAAAAHHHHH is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list The Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers
Photo: Rob Liefeld/Marvel Comics

Oh Cable. So many muscles. So much screaming. See, he has an enormous gun to hide his hands, but ALSO has some swords as backup in case he runs out of ammo... which he won't because I assume that's what he keeps in those pouches.

 Bonus: He appears to be RIDING Deadpool! Maybe he's tired from carrying around that gun.
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What Goes Where

What Goes Where is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list The Worst (Best!) Rob Liefeld Covers
Photo: Rob Liefeld/Image

At a certain point, I start to feel like Liefeld is just just trolling us. I mean, look at this monstrosity! How do you look at this and think, "Yes, this is good. This is good art and I did a good job." I suppose if your only qualifications are: 1) a giant gun, 2) not having to draw feet, 3) hiding hands, and 4) showing off all the ammo and pouches, then this cover is a homerun. 

The character in the foreground is suffering from the worst case of inverse scoliosis in history, and looks like she would tip over in a mild breeze. Also, what the hell is that thing in the back? Clearly it's a rock monster, but do his legs end just off frame? Are his feet directly below his knees? Or is his lady friend on a stool? It has to be one of those three things. He also has five... protuberances coming out of his back, one of which is inexplicably ribbed. Maybe that's the thing that supports his head, somehow, because he clearly doesn't have a neck.  

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