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Film Actors The Top 10 Worst Famous Actors of 2009  

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Megan Fox is the worst actor ever, but she getsaway with it cause she's hot. Here are some other actors that come in below par, yet somehow achieve fame. These are the actors that everyone knows, get loads of offers for films, and leave you constantly wondering why that is since they suck total ass. These actors ruin films, or get cast in other movies that are horrible to begin with and they just add insult to injury.
Lindsay Lohan is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Top 10 Worst Famous Actors of 2009
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It's very odd that while she was on TMZ on a weekly basis, in 2009 Lindsay Lohan did absolutely nothing of value. For all the attention she gets, the only film role she landed this year was a straight to DVD "comedy" with that guy from SNL that no one remembers. Way to go, you're well on your way to the bottom as fast and self destructively as you can.

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Robert Pattinson is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Top 10 Worst Famous Actors of 2009
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The only thing I enjoyed about watching him in 'Twilight' was the thought that these films will forever ruin his career, and that once they're done I'll never see him again. Robert, maybe you should spend less time on your s**tty hair and focus more on your s**tty acting.

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I really don't see the humor in what Tyler Perry does, but I also know that he makes for one unconvincing giant fat old woman. If he's trying to act like every horrible black stereotype all rolled into one package, then he deserves an Oscar, but other than that he needs to stop. Just stop.

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Sure Megan Fox is hot, but just like those chocolate Easter bunnies you got as a kid, she's only full of air and disappointment. She has done nothing that makes her worthy of being called an actor; she's more like a 3D cardboard cut-out with the ability to move. The only reason she will continually be cast in films is to lure young weak minded men into the theater with the promise of her showing some boob.

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