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The Top 100 Internet Reactions to the 2nd Presidential Debate  

Brian Gilmore
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If you didn't watch the 2nd Presidential Debate of 2012, where an actually-awake Barack Obama decided to not take any of Mitt Romney's guff an where Mitt Romney really threw everything he had at Obama, even when it was irrelevant, and we had a moderator that was fact-checking in real-time (something that we see, for some reason, as a luxury and not a given), then you missed the best debate of the season. Sure, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan brought a lot of heart to the table, but this 2nd Presidential Debate, upon second viewing, was BRUTAL. Also there were more tweets, memes, tumblrs, accounts, articles and jokes made about this debate than pretty much any political anything in the last year or so. So here are the 100, yes 100, best reactions to what was the most spirited political debate this season between the two guys who want to run the country.
So Mitt Romney Responded to a Question About Women

This is what got the biggest reaction.

By saying that he had his best guys looking left and right for competent women, he made it sound like it was really difficult to find a woman he could employ at all. But he really tried to make the point by saying that he's employed women before. Like a lot of them.

He said he was handed "binders of women". Whole binders. And this is what the internet ran with the most. Because we're awesome. And because that was a really stupid thing to say.

There are SO many more than these (click through the whole list to see them, they're all gold).

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Also, in case you didn't watch, here's the video with the binders quote said by Romney himself. 

This has to be my favorite of the whole bunch, courtesy of our friends at Cheezburger.

The Best of the BindersFullOfWomen Tumblr

There was a whole Tumblr created. And it is glorious (yet also, like this list, collects from all over the web). 

And there are also literally dozens more on this list, so keep clicking! Click the little number "25" below the description to see this all in 4, gloriously slow-loading pages! 

Check out the rest here. So good.
Lorraine, A Hispanic Woman, Asks About Immigration

After Romney messes up her name:

Both Candidates Kept Dissing China, And Then...