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The Most Ridiculous Bollywood Action Movie Scenes

Updated April 8, 2019 592.6k views7 items

This is a list of Bollywood action movie scenes, ranked best to worst based on how ridiculous the action in the movie is. These amazing action sequences all take place in Bollywood films and will leave the audience wondering how they did it. What are the best action sequences in Bollywood movies? You'll find many of them on this action movies from Bollywood list.

In case you haven't seen any of the unbelievable clips from these Indian action movies, India produces the kind of over-the-top action movies that the US can only dream of nowadays. Their throwback super action genre overshadows most mainstream properties the US is producing, and these videos are the reason why. From the best Hindi action movies and South Indian action movies, these Bollywood films are full of fighting scenes and non-stop action.

Get ready to have your face blown to pieces with the seven most ridiculous Bollywood action movie clips of all time... for now.

  • The Coolest Rescue You Have Ever Seen

    Video: YouTube

    This extremely intense fight scene is intensified even further with all the added pow! sounds. They happen all the time: when someone punches, when a sword is thrusted, when a cut to a different take is used, when someone takes a breath. There is no end to the use of pow! sounds, and rightly so.

    I really do believe that more is more in this situation. 

  • The Best Shot The East Has To Offer

    Video: YouTube

    Let me be the first to say that these guys are speed demons. Check out 0:48 when the hero loses his hat; no biggie though, he's gotta keep going. The action really get's going at 1:49 when the hero goes over a small bump and his bike plops over in the dirt. But the hero manages to roll himself to safety.

    The second half of the clip is a series of bad shooting, when suddenly these bad guys in suits show up and pull what I believe is supposed to be pantyhose over their heads. What it looks like though is a silky burlap sack. It's a wonder that they even shot the hero at all.  

  • Superman Ain't Got Nothin' On Mustache

    Video: YouTube

    This is probably the best example of how ridiculous this genre is, and why you should share it with your children. Before you read what happens, watch it in the video embedded here. THIS is what is missing from pretty much every Superman movie ever made. Why has nobody ever done this?

    Here's what happens: This man takes a shot to the chest, and NOT ONLY does the projectile deflect off him with a "ping" sound (scorching his shirt slightly, of course), it flies back and takes out the man who shot it. Genius.

    Also, doesn't this guy kinda remind you of Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation? The mustache is uncanny. Just saying.

  • Evil Americans vs. Awesome Indian Guy

    Video: YouTube

    In pure chivalrous tradition, this man defends a damsel in distress from evil, rude, and overzealous Americans (cause c'mon, we're all like that, right?) You can tell something big's about to go down at 0:27, when you can just feel the "Oh, hell no" look coming onto the guy's face.

    He proceeds to beat the bad guys by splashing condiments in their faces, which for some reason burn like acid (maybe they're all laced with chili powder?), and with a severely overdramatized table throw at 0:48.

    Just when you think he's done for, he comes back to life at 1:05.