scandals The Top 13 Hottest Famous Girls Caught Shoplifting  

Greg Stopera
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Here are the thirteen hottest celebrities that we all wish we could give the five-finger discount to. From Megan Fox, to Farrah Fawcett, to Winona Ryder, here are the 13 sexiest famous women who were caught shoplifting, along the stories of their criminal behavior. These actresses caught stealing are still hotties, but they apparently thought they were above the law.

It's always surprising to learn about celebrities who steal. They have all that money, why would these people need to shoplift? From jewelry to seemingly anything else, these famous actresses seem to have a bit of a kleptomaniac side. Some have even been arrested for shoplifting! Does that make them less hot in your eyes?

Do their stealing ways mean they are some of the worst celebrities of all time? Or do you still love these hot ladies, despite their petty theft habits? Decide by voting for the hottest girls who can do no wrong in your eyes.


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