READ The Most Invasive TSA Sexual Harassment Incidents  

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The TSA (or Transportation Security Administration) has become synonymous with waste, fraud, inefficiency and harassment, despite their core mission of protecting Americans and other travelers from terrorist threats and violence. But why? In addition to the bad personal experiences many frequent fliers have had at the hands of TSA personnel, much of the blame can be placed on news stories like the following, which reinforce the idea of the TSA as a useless organization that makes air travel less convenient and more invasive without genuinely making anyone safer (or even providing the illusion of safer travel.)

Anyone who lives in the United States is likely to encounter someone going through what is being popularly called "Gate Rape," the hands-on TSA search that involves touching of the hair, chest and genitals to make sure there are no bombs present. There are plenty of horror stories, but just to show the gravity of the situation, here are twelve particularly troubling stories of people being touched, held or controlled against their will while their body is touched from head to toe by government workers.

What are examples of TSA harassment? Take a look here and see for yourself.