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12 Cringeworthy Reality TV Show Fails

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Ahh, the reality show. What other medium seems to focus on fame mongers and/or washed up celebrities trying to make themselves relevant? TV is full of reality programming these days, and that means more and more reality TV fails for the Internet to enjoy and mock. Reality television is a source of some of the biggest TV fails of all time, and it presents more than its share of the classic TV host nip slip.

Not just Nancy Grace's stint on Dancing with the Stars, this list includes all of the greatest reality TV fails in recent history. From the host of Australia's Next Top Model announcing the wrong winner to Snooki getting a fistful to the face, here are the other greatest and most cringeworthy fails from all across reality television programming. The beauty of reality TV is that it's like watching a slow-motion collision. Come on. We aren't watching Real Housewives for the stories.

So what are the worst reality show fails? What are some of the trashiest television show moments? There are a number. From Verne (Mini Me) Troyer riding a scooter around a house in only his birthday suit and then peeing in a corner, to the worst ideas in invention show history, to the worst face plants in TV dance audition history: enjoy. And if any aliens are watching via radio waves in outer space, please kindly switch over to more educational programming. We promise the human race isn't all Jersey Shore and celebrity competitions.

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    Everything Nancy Grace Has Done on 'Dancing with the Stars'

    Video: YouTube

    Someone could seriously make an entire list out of "news" reporter extraordinaire Nancy Grace's completely *ahem* ungraceful stint on Dancing with the Stars. It had seriously gotten to the point where the only reason they kept her on is for ratings and more internet jokes/exposure.

    Grace not only passed gas during interviews (see above), but she also gave the Internet what may very well be the most unwanted nip slip in television history.

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    Snooki Gets Punched

    Video: YouTube

    In the defining moment of the popular TV show that demonstrates how unfair and ridiculous of a country America is, the first season of Jersey Shore really brought the drama. How? Well, the infamous Snooki gets fed up with a guy who is not only mooching off their MTV-paid drinks at the bar but is also hanging out with her friends. She starts telling him off about leaving her friends alone after he becomes aggressive.

    His first move? He squares Snooki in the face. Watch the video to see it. He does this, apparently, for little to no reason other than that he has a short temper (and probably something else). Without this controversial and defining moment, we probably wouldn't have Snooki charging $30,000 for appearances on red carpets (welcome to America!) and The Situation netting over $3.5 million by the end of 2010.

    The epic fail in this? The guy who clocked a soon-to-be TV star was sent to jail in front of the whole country in shame, Dateline NBC-style, yet helped perpetuate the fame of the person he hated enough (in that drunken moment) to deck.

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    'Amazing Race' Watermelon Launch

    Video: YouTube

    A contestant on The Amazing Race is doing not-so-great in one of the Gallagher-inspired challenges. The challenge? To toss a watermelon using a giant slingshot. It's The Amazing Race and all the challenges must be completed quickly, efficiently, and with mastery of whatever is going on. One watermelon is flung, then another... It literally backfires on her. An enormous sling shot, which she leans back and puts her whole body's worth of force into, flings an entire, full-sized watermelon back at her face.

    Watch the video to see what happens. The worst part? The host who says that she must finish the challenge, even though she had some light fractures and, apparently, a concussion. Her reasoning? "They don't call it The Amazing Race for nothing."

    The funniest part? The slowdown of what her supporter is saying right before she seriously hits herself in the face.

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    'Australia's Next Top Model' Announces Wrong Winner

    Video: YouTube

    The inspiration for this list - and probably one of the greatest things that's happened in reality show history - is the announcement of the wrong winner for Australia's Next Top Model. Imagine it: all your dreams are on the line, you've fought for weeks to gain the respect and love of your entire country (an entire continent, actually), you've gone through the challenges and put yourself out there for what will literally be your dream come true if you win. It all comes down to this. 

    The winners are going to be announced and absolutely nothing is more important or nerve-wracking. Your name is called. You celebrate, you give a speech, you look at your adoring public. And in an instant, it is taken away from you. At Australia's Next Top Model 2010 season finale event, host Sarah Murdoch declared Kelsey Martinovich the winner of the competition to, only one minute later, take it away from her completely, realizing that the wrong winner was fed to her. Amanda Ware actually became the winner of the prestigious competition, and Kelsey Martinovich had to go home empty-handed.