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Celebrities caught masturbating come from all walks of stardom: actors, singers, and even athletes are susceptible to the urge to "take care of business" at a moment's notice and while this may be a far more common practice than we'll ever know, these are regualr people and celebrities who got caught playing with themselves in public.

What are the craziest stories of people masturbating in public? From celebrity masturbators caught red-handed pleasuring themselves in public places like Fred Willard and Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Rubens to a woman caught using a sex toy and watching porn while driving, to a man caught pleasuring himself on a park bench with his shirt off using an armless mannequin, here are the most shameless male celebs caught in masturbation. Enjoy (in private)!
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Guy Dies While Mastubating and Driving

A 58-year-old Michigan man crashed his car into the center divider of 1-75 in the wee hours of a January morning in 2016. He died after being partially ejected from the sunroof. Police revealed that the man had been watching porn while driving (without a seat belt), and that he had been masturbating at the time of the crash. They found his body pants-less when they arrived at the scene.
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81-Year-Old Man Tries to Bang an Actual Bush

Connecticut resident Wallace Berg gave onlookers the show of their lives when the 81-year-old dropped his pants in public in order to have sex with some shrubbery. A neighbor filmed the ordeal (worst sex tape ever) and sent it to police, who eventually charged Berg with public indecency and second-degree breach of peace. The same neighbor confronted Berg during the incident, and said that Berg covered himself with his grill cover and apologized. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

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Jets Tight End Kellen Winslow, Jr "Was Not" Using Vaseline for THAT In Target Parking Lot

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First lesson about public masturbation: don't. That's the only lesson, actually. New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr was never taught this lesson, as a 58-year-old woman allegedly found the athlete in a Target parking lot in New Jersey, in November, by himself with the windows down. Intrigued, the woman approached the window for a chat (as you do when someone is parked in the far part of the lot by themselves) when suddenly her attention turned from small talk to...well, there was something in plain view that only mommies and daddies typically see.

The cops were called and later found a clothed Winslow with two open jars of Vaseline and several containers of synthetic marijuana. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance but never charged with lack of restraint of his manhood.

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Willard, best known for playing stupid authoritarians in movies like "Best in Show" and "A Mighty Wind", was caught doing what one does at a Los Angeles XXX movie theater. The police arrested Willard for lewd conduct and transported him to jail.

Since the news of his arrest went public, Willard has since been fired from his current job as a narrator on PBS.

What is most astounding about this story is that there are still XXX movie theaters in operation even with the abundance of free pornography on the internet. see more on Fred Willard