holidays The Top 13 Stories of Kids Traumatized by Santa  

Beau Iverson
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Happy Holidays! Now prepare to be emotionally damaged by the jolly ol' elf himself, Santa Claus! We have collected 13 of the most traumatizing stories about Santa and little kids over the years. From tears to murder, we've got it all here.
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Coca-Cola Santa Reduces Girl to Tears

Be careful what you say around 4-year-olds as they do not come stocked with a sarcasm detector and are waiting until they're six to install the appropriate patch. Otherwise, you'll be an a-hole, just like our next Santa!

Brooke Rarity was stoked that she was going to meet the big man in red himself, and she knew exactly what she was going to request from Santa Claus for Christmas, too! Well, at least the color. "Anything pink" was going to be her request, until the moment came and Jolly ol' Saint Nick turned out to be neither jolly nor saintly in her eyes.

"I recognize you," he says to the hopeful little girl. "Are you Brooke? I hear you’re on the Naughty List."

And like that, the girl was reduced to tears, fearful that she had not been good this year and would no longer receive any presents. Her mother assured her that she had been nice and would receive presents. Shortly after the incident a complaint was filed with Coca-Cola.

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50 Foot Santa on Fire

There is no Santa Claus in Santa Caterina, Brazil after a 2009 holiday display suddenly burst into flames moments after its unveiling. Parents and children fled in horror as the spirit of Christmas incinerated before their very eyes. Aside from negligence, there is no known reason for why Father Christmas caught on fire. Perhaps he was trying out to be the next drummer of Spinal Tap?

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Mall Santa Choke Out

In 1994 in Florida, while doing his annual Christmas Eve duty of listening to every kid in the Kissimee area tell him what they hope to see under their trees the next morning, Santa caught a 15-year-old flipping him the bird. Enraged from the stress of making lists and checking them twice and the temptation of sweet milk and cookies, Santa Claus left his chair and ran after the boy. Upon catching him, it was reported that Santa choked the teenager until he literally began to turn purple.

The reason why the kid disrespected Santa in the first place? He never got any good presents as a kid. Looks like that isn't going to change any, as he no doubt was put on the perpetual Naughty Hit List.

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Dead Santa

All of these events have been pretty trying and traumatic. But how would you feel if you witnessed Santa's death, first hand?

Pretty poorly, I'd imagine. Well, that's what happened at a 2006 Christmas party in England. Children were happily receiving gifts and enjoying the alcohol-free egg nog and apple cider, when 86-year old Andrew Robertson was suddenly taken ill and died. Not to alarm the kiddos, parents took him to a side room and tried to have him revived as they waited for the paramedics. He was pronounced dead upon the medics' arrival.

As the children watched Santa taken away in the ambulance, one child asked, "How are we going to get our presents next week if Father Christmas is ill?" Way to keep your priorities in order, punk.

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