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Celebrities Caught Getting High on Camera

The greatest endorsement for drugs is how often celebrities - the people who pretty much have it all - do them. So here's a great collection of all the greatest times a celebrity has been caught high on camera: from coke to salvia, from Lohan to Moss, to yes, even Miley. In regards to the stoner celebrities, it can't really be considered that bad if they say they're using weed for its medical benefits, right? Or they could just recite one of Seth Rogen's weed quotes to the media and just not care what the public thinks. Regardless of how they respond to the media, it's certain these celebrities are smoking some of the best weed strains out there.

  • Miley Cyrus

    To go with her newfound adult image, the pop star was caught smoking salvia, a legal herb in California with psychedelic properties, from a bong just five days after her 18th birthday party.

    The video was shot in her home in Los Angeles where she and her friends were hanging out, because, really, if you were as rich as her, you'd have all your teenage parties at your own house too.

    After confessing that she's "having a little bit of a bad trip," Miley Cyrus then freaks out after thinking she sees someone who looks like her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. After realizing he's not Hemsworth at all, nor does he look like him, Cyrus lets out a laugh that Billy Ray Cyrus said "made [him] sad."

    Later, Cyrus starts rapping Nicki Minaj's lines in Trey Songz's "Bottoms Up" and absolutely slaughters them.

    The video ends with Cyrus saying, "I want more of that sh*t, I swear."

  • Paris Hilton

    Just one day after Paris Hilton's post-jail interview with Larry King where she said she's never done drugs, a video surfaced online which clearly shows the blonde heiress puffing away on a pipe.

    The video shows her expertly packing her bowl while her friend documents the occasion. They're in some sort of cafe with hip hop music playing in the background.

  • Daniel Radcliffe

    The Daily Mirror published a picture of Daniel Radcliffe, otherwise known as the lead actor in all the Harry Potter films, allegedly smoking pot.

    Apparently what happened is that he was smoking a joint, or a "spliff" as the Brits would call it, and let a girl draw all over his face, which then drew attention from all the partygoers.

    As they started snapping camera phone pics of the international superstar taking hits off his spliff, which he vehemently denies was a spliff, he left. His rep says that Radcliffe often enjoys roll-up cigarettes, but never smokes weed.

  • Photo: Andrew H. Walker / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5

    Lindsay Lohan

    In 2007, footage was released showing Lindsay Lohan in a "compromising position" allegedly sniffing coke in a New York public bathroom stall.