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Total Nerd The Top 15 Zelda bosses  

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The Zelda Franchise has so many different bosses to battle with from dragons to amoeba's to fish to wizards. But which are the best in my opinion. Lets find out now by looking at my list and you will not expect number 1 so off we go.
p.s from the top 7 onwards we will have boss battle vids.
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Frazz is the Twinrova of spirit tracks. He is a giant goblin thing that blows up like a baloon and shoots you with ice and fire attacks. You use the torches to stop injure him and then he turns into to mini buggers of him.
Kill the first one then use its power against the other one. Then he fuses agian and just goes on a frikin tantrum and destroys the only way of you beating him. Improvise. Frazz is a good match for the begginers.
3rd since I just love the *****
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Moldorm is arguably the most frustrating boss of the series creating the trend of a battle restart if you fall off the battle field. He gains all his health back and you lose health. This is what people kept coming back for since in the years when he came out it was a twist on gaming even if it resulted in swearing and throwing your console at the wall.The worst part is when you hit his tail he goes faster and knocks you right off the field if your near an edge.
8.2 for Moldorm well done.
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Morpha is the boss of the water temple as you all know but the thing about it is that it can be easy or hard whichever way you look at it. Then again 1 in 10 people never reach Morpha because the water temple is too hard for them. Morpha is fun because you can be brave and go on an island or by the spikes or you can be a cheat and stand in the corner where you cannot get hurt. Now a tip. Hope you get lucky and lure Morpha into the corner.Hookshot its brain thing. Move it into the corner and then slash away and kill it in under 30 seconds. That is why Morpha is 8th in my list.
9.0 a great score but only 1 rank from having a boss vid.
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Armogohma is in my opinion a weak boss but thats why I like it. It dies quickly. Sadly I had my friend do this boss since I have arachnophobia. He told me that the laser was easy to dodge and the baby spiders died quickly. I only saw the end which was hilarious with the eye and the baby spiders running away and the music just made it best. That is why its number nine with 8.7.
I plan on battling it myself next time to face my fear.
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