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funny The Top 20 Funniest Anderson Cooper GIFs  

Robert Wabash
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Funniest GIFs featuring news anchor and all-around TV personality Anderson Cooper. In June of 2012, after years of rumor and speculation, Cooper announced on Andrew Sullivan's blog that he was gay, and just didn't feel that this information was connected or relevant to his work as a journalist. The announcement generated largely support from the online communities, though it also provoked some humorous Internet reactions.

In celebration of Cooper's newfound openness, here's a rundown of our favorite Anderson Cooper GIFs that have been floating around the Web. Highlights include Anderson Cooper holding a fat cat, Anderson showing off his wry smile and, of course, Anderson eating popcorn. Enjoy.
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Quickly Turning On the Charm

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It's Kind of a Funny Story...

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Anderson is Kind to Baby Animals